He is a bit of a throbber. Probably thinks his stick/belt/boots combo makes him God - and he isn’t.


This is moving into personal attacks and away from the general uselessness of the sticks themselves.


I suppose you could use one to bash the ego out of the person wielding it…


I’ve just spat out my tea :joy:


If you hit someone reasonably hard with a pace stick, they’ll spit out more than their tea…

I’m afraid this whole debacle was entirely foreseeable: when you tell people that it’s their job to correct the errors of others, including those of a higher rank than them, and you tell them that they are Keepers of the Holy Flame, and you tell them that they kind of have a separate chain of command to everyone else and that - within the business of The Holy Flame - they aren’t subject to the normal rules of behaviour, manners, tact, and respect for colleagues, you get this.



This is exactly where the SNCO system as opposed to the old AWO only system has disintegrated.
The trick was missed from day one in terms of having people doing specific roles as SNCOs and not just drill/discip. So you get 20 or 30 SNCOs running around all trying to be king or queen pin, as they think their only role is to be shouty. What started out as a good idea has been allowed as I say to disintegrate into a complete and utter shambles.
We now have a breed of as said who think they are a cut above everyone all seeing how high up the wall they can urinate and seeing it as their role to try and belittle everyone if they aren’t as per the silly rules we play to. Remove the carrying of pace sticks on parades etc, with their only use being for specific training / measuring purposes.

I don’t ever remember in the old AWO days having as many numpties as we seem to have now, in fact I don’t ever recall any AWOs getting like some do now and they would have more grace than to use odd photos to try and make people feel or look bad, ,in a personal drive to be something they are not. Although the vast majority of AWOs from my cadet days had at least done National Service and made at least 2 stripes, so could garner a bit of respect. Unlike the vast majority now who just play on what they learned or think they learned as cadets or where they’ve been on a course and come back as supposed experts.


I wear mine… When appropriate! and use my stick IAW APs and local orders.


Are you entitled to?


Oh yes :wink:


I’ll take that as a no…


Way to tar an entire cadre with the bigotry brush there…


I was one of 2 AWOs at one point, I wasn’t the drill/Discip one and it didn’t worry me as I kept more than busy doing other things. When the other one left, I did the drill/Discip role as well as everything else.
I had to manage at one time 3 adult SNCOs all wanting to be drill pigs, because that’s what they felt the rank meant. I’d said who was what, but the other 2 tried it on and said I was holding them back. Holding them back from what, I never really understood. Others have found this is why I comment like I do about the SNCO system we have and how it’s been allowed to unravel over 15 years. There was a real opportunity to have a proper grown up set up, bur no it’s all playground rubbish, between themselves and the wider organisation. It doesn’t help that cadets are allowed to think that being an adult SNCO means drill stuff and not a wider remit.


i was referring to the difference in how their rank slides look - aka what we have followed - RAF Regt written below their rank.




The main reason for introducing the L/C rank to the Regiment was that the Army when on operations with them couldn’t get their head around non NCOs being a section commander.


It’s all part of the tribalism that has been brought into the Corps. Something that it intensified by the unjustified “bling” that has materialised. Different coloured lanyards for cadets to signify which Gucci course they have been on, to cadets wearing flying suits sitting in front of computers with no danger of leaving the ground and badges for thinking about doing DofE and leadership!

As pacesticks have become de rigueur for WO and SNCOs, how long is it until they allow “Tate & Lyle” WOs to carry swords to distinguish them from the crowd?


It’s been handy for the CCF though as we no longer have an invented JCpl rank but can have ‘proper’ LCpl instead.


Why can’t the CCF have a SAC (Senior Air Cadet) rank using the same badges as the parent service?


Jeez, Leatherworker - don’t go giving them ideas!!


Because they work in a truly joint environment - you’ll note that UK officers working in primarily US formations wear US rank insignia.

Tedious, yes, it is. But it just makes life a great deal easier.