Over 18 process

A cadet who has been very committed is turning 18. She is a flight sergeant, moi trained, has won best cadet and cadets cadet awards but had been asked to leave. She returned to squadron 3 weeks after spinal fusion surgery and attends every parade and every event. She did recently send an email to Sqn staff on behalf of the cadets as a lot are fed up with the lack of activity and opportunity within squadron which was polite yet firm along with 3 other members of the nco team. The other members of the nco team are allowed to stay over 18 but she has been asked to leave. Is this really fair? Who can she submit a complaint to. The acting oc is also sector commander and has only known her in the 3 months post operation.

She needs to email the Wing Commander if she feels she has been treated badly.

There is no automatic right to continue as a Staff Cadet, but if she feels that she has been treated unfairly, or discriminated against due to her surgery, then absolutely email the Wing Commander.

Do make sure that the DBS form is submitted, as well as having completed/booked on a AVIP day - it won’t make her any stronger, but it will remove two reasons why her OC could want her gone.


Based on this, she sounds like a prime candidate for staff cadet and becoming a CWO. She still needs to be, “of worth”, and I’m sure she can say she will teach cadets using her MOI, among other things.

I to would email the wing commander and explain the situation, especially as the OC is new.

Asked to leave? Isn’t this covered by our Code of Conduct?

Or just not allowed to stay on passed their 18th birthday :man_shrugging:t2:

Depends on the individual!!

This is probably the OCs issue. As by her sending that email he could of taking it as her doubting his ability as OC and saying he’s not trying hard enough. And I’m sure he is trying hard enough.

He could also of thought, who does this kid think she is? As it’s not a cadets place to be getting firm with staff, especially the OC, that’s a parents job or other staff.

I would hope that my senior cadet felt they could email me a list of issues from the cadets, providing it was polite and not a list of demands.

We had it when I first took over as a CI section commander and I inherited a absolute cluster. They told me in a polite way that they appreciated what I was doing but that the cadets would prefer I prioritised things differently in terms of improvement. I took the feedback on board, accepted some of it, rejected others because of “reasons” and everyone was happier

I actively encourage my NCOs to challenge upwards (respectfully) & my most snr cadet NCO is under standing orders to grip the OC (me :slight_smile: ) if he feels things are going a bit ping & need to be put back on track.

In this instance it’s not really fair but it may be the internal politics. If the cadet is able to change Sqns then that might be an option.

If they feel it’s due to their recently surgery that might be discrimination on grounds of disability.


If she has been asked to leave, I would want to understand why. If a cadet wants to stay beyond 18, I will try my best to make it happen. The over 18 route has tightened up in recent years when anyone could stay on, but this FS sounds like a perfect candidate.
OCW is the best route for this and beyond that Regional Commandant