Outlook2010 and Bader Email Setup


I am having trouble setting up Bader Email access via Outlook 2010. Please can someone confirm what the Microsoft Exchange manual account settings are as the auto account setup will not work.



Of you have been trying today it is broken.


There was an announcement of some sort about a change coming in April that leans android users would have to install an app.
Anyone know/remember anything about that?


Basically, third party mail apps will no longer work with bader from April. Some have been unable to connect since mid December (like mine!)

If you want to connect through your phone, you’ll need the Microsoft app. If you do choose to download it, the MOD require us to have the phone PIN protected as a min, and they reserve the right to remote wipe your phone - the app will force you to agree to those, and make you set a PIN before you can access your mailbox.


Ahh cheers.


If you are using Win7/Win8 you could try this: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/schrimsher/2016/07/08/enabling-tls-1-1-and-1-2-in-outlook-on-windows-7/


Ha! I came here to post the same advice :wink:

I can confirm that the recent difficulties connecting Outlook to Bader on Windows 7 are a TLS issue.
The link that Tango_Foxtrot has provided is the solution.