Outlook woes

Morning all. Once again I’m looking for advice on the recent changes to BADER.

I think I’ve linked my role accounts up to my personal account correctly. When I log in to my personal account, I can access the squadron multi-user inbox and my role inbox. But I still have 3 problems:

  1. Every time I send an email, I have to override the “From” address as appropriate for the mail I’m sending. This doesn’t update the signature, therefore…
  2. Every time I send an email, I have to override the signature as appropriate for the mail I’m sending.
  3. The sent mail goes into my personal “sent” folder instead of the shared account “sent” folder. This is very unhelpful for the multi-user squadron general account as you can’t see what others have sent.

Does anyone have any suggestions for resolving any of these issues? Maybe I have set it up incorrectly…

I’m much more familiar with the Google products as they are used at my workplace, and on Gmail, giving “delegated access” works much more smoothly than this…

Any help appreciated, thanks.

I can’t really help much right now, but I’d strongly advise joining this teams group. It’s the ‘Teams Engagement - Bader’ one and there is a channel for Personal Accounts.

Have a look though as some of your points may have already been answered. If not you can ask in there and there’s lots of people giving out good advise.

Add the role account as an additional account instead of an additional mailbox.

On my phone right now but a google should explain the difference

I haven’t tested this with bader accounts, only used it at work

Edit: Try this How to add a shared mailbox as additional account in Outlook | Blog (michev.info)

For the record, I prefer OWA to full outlook, even at work.

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Is all this because they haven’t yet been converted to ‘shared’ mailboxes? I seem to recall that being on the roadmap for the personal accounts stuff.

So Martin needs to run a Powershell script so that items sent as mailbox X go into the sent items of Mailbox X, it’s not the default setting for Shared Mailboxes from Microsoft.

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So, Windows Mail is being retired and I’m being pushed to “Outlook Pre”.

I’ve tried it, it’s trash, and it’s doesn’t play with my RAFAC License. Mail was fine - simple, responsive, did the job. Only problem is search limitations.

Does anybody have any suggestions of something they use that I can put all my mailboxes (I have a few across Gmail, custom domain, Outlook, Hotmail, and 365 accounts) in one place?

In other news:

I see this still hasn’t happened two years later…

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Mozilla Thunderbird?