Out of date leading cdt syllabus

Why hasnt the sylabus been upgraded we dont use Nimrod etc any more

because it takes 5 years for a change of syllabus publication?

in all my years the aircraft list has always been out of date…

We also don’t use Spitfires or Lancasters…

Blimey without the old aircraft the AK would run to a about 4/5 pages.

To update things you need people who care running the show at the top. Now if it’s a piece of admin or admin process, updates no problem. Something that matters wrt cadet training manana, unless it’s to do with the admin around it. I’m sure they could have several meetings to discuss changes.

But this is the same with some of the exam questions that are wrong and get flagged ocassionally and nothing happens.

We do have Spitfires and a Lancaster in the BBMF. Agreed that we should no longer have the Nimrod.

Nimrod R1 MR2

RAF Air Rec is sooooooo much easier now

It’s not so much air rec as an aircraft history lesson.

Is it ideal? Probably not.

Is it going to increase their overall knowledge and appreciation of aircraft types and roles by learning about them? Yes.

Could a good instructor maybe go “off piste” to link the “legacy” types into explaining what happened to their capability and what technologies or airframes have replaced/will replace them whilst still covering the syllabus? Again, yes.

There needs to be a greater focus on what is happening now.

The historic links should be included in the notes. But as the bulk of the questions seem to be about ‘pictures’ and parts, ‘teaching’ roles and anything else is largely superfluous and would depend on the expertise and interest of the member of staff. There aren’t that many aircraft geeks around the Corps that could do it justice.

It would be good if you could extend it into a debate about procurement and replacement practice and policy in the RAF since 1930 and from being a leading light and its position now due to govt policy and selling out since 1945. The pioneers of British aviation must be somersaulting in their graves.

Indeed - but if the resource isn’t centrally provided then “off piste” may be required to get the information over (I don’t disagree - merely suggesting a way for “an instructor” to take the material and bring it into the present day - even if it means getting some third party stuff on newer pieces of kit). My impression is things don’t normally change very quickly when centrally provided!

Amen. Sadly we well and truly messed it up half a century ago - not necessarily the military’s fault but death of the civilian industry presided over by BOAC and their love of all things Boeing. Post Typhoon and Hawk it’s well possible our major aircraft manufacturing as a “British” business will well and truly be gone (seeing as AgustaWestland have now gone thoroughly Italian!).

It depends on where the info is and how complete it is.

One thing I hate at work is the word ‘research’ when doing a project as it means invariably spending hours on the internet with little or no progress.

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Don’t forget military aircraft systems, which involves learning about Sidewinder, Skyflash, Alarm, Maverick, Harpoon and Stingray (the last two are at least still in British service, if not RAF).

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Last term I warned OC TEST to expect lower syllabus pass rates for my unit, as I am not prepared to invest valuable time in teaching the cadets out of date information. They have to lie to pass the Ultilearn exam…

I don’t understand why they had to LIE to pass the exam? Surely if you teach the syllabus they pass the exam. Not everything taught in school is the most up to date, but you teach the syllabus, just do the same with the cadet exams.

For example if the syllabus requires to you say the RAF operates Jaguar or Harrier… when you know perfectly well they don’t…

So just tell them the RAF used to operate the aircraft, maybe add in a little about the new aircraft but as long as they have the knowledge to pass the exam then they should pass. A lot of the subjects are out of date, but that’s the syllabus

That’s treating the symptom, not the cause…

Bring them all up to date.

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The problems with updates potentially stems from originally devolving responsibility to scattered SMEs (some IIRC from the volunteer community), who if no longer around means no one picking it up, when we went to ultilearn.

Heard that a new syllabus is to be introduced next year across every classification. Roadshows are being planned around Regions to give an overview idc.

Interesting, I’ve just asked our training officer this and he wasn’t aware of it.