Original Form When Joining

Does anyone have a copy of the form you have to fill in when you join Air Cadets? I’ve been told I need to fill one in again due to personal reasons and I can’t find it anywhere online.


Quick question, if you’ve been told to fill in a new one, why haven’t you been given a new one?

Your Sqn staff should be able to give you one.

I was meant to be given one but it was forgotten, and I don’t like talking to staff that much because I’m a nervous person :sweat_smile:

You’re going to have to talk to them at some point about something - might as well be an easy one like this.

If they need it, there should be no issue with you requesting it.

ok cheers :slight_smile: I’ll probably just take one of my friends and it should be ok, I just dread speaking to them sometimes

You mean a 3822a

That’s the one! Thank you!

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