Organising a Sqn Weekend Camp to an RAF Station

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to do the above? I want to get my squadron on a weekend camp to an RAF Station such as Henlow, so we can visit attractions in the area like Duxford etc which normally would be too far away for us.

How do you go about booking it? What do I need to take into consideration? Anyone do something similar and what tips do you have?

Thanks in advance

Stupid things really; accommodation, transport, messing. You (or someone) may have to arrive early to take over the accommodation. Talk to the ACLO Team asap, details on Sharepoint.

If you are talking about Henlow, we use a lot as one of the RAF stations within our Wing, good accommodation and a good team behind the scenes. Used regularly though.

Another option would/could be Wittering; again good set up and ACLO Team, also good road connections.

Both of these gives options to Duxford, Madingley Cemetery, Hendon, Shuttleworth Collection in summer and, if Wittering, the Harrier Heritage Museum on camp.


PM’d you - drop me a line :slight_smile: