Ordering ration packs etc


I used to be able to source the following through service instructors. They are all on deployment.
Cant find nowt on sharepoint.

Please advise how to order… through service sources.
Ideally where from and cost.

ORP heater
Cam cream



Youd have thought, wouldn’t you…

I can only speak for Rat packs and the hexi block stoves from my experience.

Get someone to get you a number for your parent stations catering flight, give them a call and they will usually get you to email details of requirements such as numbers, activity, what unit UIN and you will also need to provide nominal roll. (Then for me it’s just a case of drive to Lossie, pay the fees by check at Stn cashier and collect the packs from the mess)

For hexi stoves, again get someone to provide you number for closest fuels section and then you can usually order the number required over the phone and on collection provide unit UIN and nominal roll again so they know who to bill.

Hope that helps, that’s the process I have to follow anyway!


ORPs come with stoves for us, all collected from stores.

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For Benson we normally fax the catering flight an admin order and name list in advance for them to order in if necessary. Arrange a date for collection. Turn up to catering, get a chit to take to accounts, go to accounts to pay for it, return with stamped chit to catering, then go collect the ORPs.

If we want burners that’s a trip to someone else who will only release them with a different chit from catering.

We - because of our location and distance from our parent STN - order ours through 160Bde.

Ring up you local Bde HQ and ask for the BOWO (Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer) - I’m afraid we find ordering through Bde more reliable than ordering through the RAF: more than once we’ve turned up to be given an IOU and a suggestion that we get down to Tesco for super noodles - not really useful for 100 cadets on a 48hour walk over Dartmoor in late October…

Out of interest, do you have a defined annual entitlement to ORP, and if so, how much per cadet?

I ask because CCF(RAF) are quite constrained and allocated only 1 x 24hr ORP per year. (Though to be fair the Army pay for it.)

What is that?

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Ok thanks all

From memory (as its been a few years), you can order as many as you like in the year. But you have to have justification for the order.

They wont let you order for any random event, it has to be from a prescribed list. Although i have known catering departments not care, as long as you pay, they will supply them.

ORP cost the standard messing contribution per 24hrs ~£2.90 this year IIRC. Heaters & fuel, cyalumes & cam cream are normally free.

The cam cream I’ve got before by popping into the POL store for cam cream (don’t ask, no idea why)

Had the following from my WEXO in October, no further update as yet

I have recently been asked a number of times about the problem in obtaining ration packs – ORP. The situation is that we as an organisation have, is that we are not entitled to them from the military, hence the reason RAF stations are now saying they are parented to supply them. This appears to have become an issue is due, we believe, to the fact that it has become apparent that there is a funding issue, namely who pays the difference between the fee we are charged, cadet daily ration and the fully cost to produce the item. I have raised this issue as a matter of urgency with both HQAC and RC (SW), who has informed me he will take up the matter.

In the meantime if you have contacts who are happy to provide you ORP carry on, however I do need to advise you that you could later be billed and please do not use WHQ UIN number. As soon as I have anymore information I will circulate.

Ah. So it’s like a lot of other parenting issues. Interesting. The Army on the other hand has a very comprehensive spreadsheet on which these costs are all tabulated.

Rat Packs ring your parent station, there are issues at some and not at others. Start with FP flight and ask who they order from on camp.

Cyalumes and can cream are C stores so available with a UIN to order but chances are you will struggle to get many cyalumes and depending on station they may not hold cam cream.

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