Only just found out about ACPS

So I only just found out about ACPS last Sunday and asked my OC if I could apply. He told me to speak to him last parade night about it, which I did just to find out that applications closed last Saturday. He said he’s mentioned it multiple times when I have never heard about it once apart from in January when I wasn’t old enough.
My OC is known to be very delayed with things, for example he left my friends DBS and interviews till last minute and he’s late with badges and other things like that. Most people on the squadron thinks he is very disorganised.
Is there a way I can still apply for ACPS even if the application is late. Or is there someone who I could email to explain the situation where it was at fault of my OC? I’m extremely upset and disappointed and I don’t think I’ll be able to apply next year as I might be aging out.
Does anyone know anywhere else I can apply for a scholarship?

There are also opportunities through organisations like the Honourable Company of Air Pilots and the Air League, for females the BWPA is very active at the moment. its case of doing some research. If you were too young for 2022 then that still means you should be able to apply for 2024 for ACPS if its powered flying you want.

With the recent change of rules you can only do either Air Cadet Pilot Scheme or Gliding Scholarship so if gliding is something of interest you could choose to try that. There are also probably more opportunities outside RAFAC for gliding to solo schemes and more funding available to juniors (under 25’s) beyond solo. I did see a staff cadet from one VGS on social media that got funding for glider aerobatics endorsement. Its also a lot cheaper to keep current/fly regularly if you have somewhere local its worth considering.

Best of luck in your aviation jorney :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately I’m not at all into gliding and only into powered flying for a PPL. Apparently the applications for 2023 were earlier this year for some reason. I’ll have a lookout for any other opportunities. Thanks.

You’re 16 right? Aging out shouldn’t be an issue depending on the dates of ACPS next year, so it’ll deffo still be worth to apply then.

Gliding is very fun, even if there isn’t a career in it, and there’s alot of transferable skills between gliding and powered flying. Obviously it won’t go towards your PPL hours, but if for whatever reason you are unable to do ACPS next year SGS is very fun!

Is there a possibility of staying on after you turn 18? Then you won’t have the issue of aging out🤔

Those organisations mentioned also have powered scholarships or signpost opportunities so it’s worth doing your research and following their social media channels as application periods vary for different organisations and awards and they may point to other organisations or schemes.

RAFAC places are so limited I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that one basket and sit waiting if I were you. :grinning:

I think you’ve mentioned that you go flying outside of cadets.

Not sure how much you have done but Just to add if you’ve gone solo in a private aircraft you are not eligible for an ACPS. (Think you might be eligible for a version of wings but I’m not sure)


Eligible for C Wings for a private solo, needs to provide copy of logbook to RAvO.


As ACPS is suspended at the moment I’d be looking at other scholarships for sure. It might be sorted for next year by who knows :woman_shrugging:

Useful list of non-RAFAC scholarships here



We are in process of submissions for ACPS at the moment. Our Wing deadline is 6th of Jan for applications to reach our Wing AVO.

Correct, you should indeed be applying at the moment. There was a temporary pause to look into something of concern but courses are restarting shortly (have already maybe, I ought to know!)

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Why was it suspended?

There was an incident in the local hotel accommodation which needed investigating, so some courses were delayed while it was investigated.


I got through wing selection do I now need to re-apply I’m 17 yo

I don’t think so… but wait out for confirmation from the CoC

I’d wait for further information from your WAvnO.

Tad bit unrelated - but if you get a 12 hour scholarship from the air league or some other provider and you complete it at Tayside are you eligible for silver wings or are you stuck on C wings?

C wings

But if you do a complete scholarship at tayside you get gold!

Merry Christmas

Right so

Non-RAFAC solo standard regardless if done at Tayside - C wings
Full PPL at Tayside (even if Non RAFAC funded) - Gold

Makes perfect sense - cheers guys!

Happy holidays!