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Hi I was wondering if anyone had any good and fun ideas for zoom training for CCF Cadets?

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There are already a few posts with this sort of stuff. Namely here and here. There may well be other stuff about, I can’t really remember. If you use the search button you’ll likely find more ideas.

As a separate question, you say ‘Zoom training’ but I assume (presume?) you mean Teams? Or are CCFs allowed to use anything? I was under the impression everything RAFAC wide had to be done via Teams.

ATC have to use teams. CCF use whatever the school are using.


Makes sense I guess. Thanks! The more you know :slight_smile:

Standard one rule for us and one rule for you :smirk::smirk::smirk::wink:


School safeguarding so much better than RAFAC

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If you have a Bader login you can sign up to a Teams group called ‘Virtual Parade Night Resources’. There are some good ideas on there and you can use zoom to deliver most of them.
Link here: Virtual Parade Night Resources.

Thank you for your reply…
Apologies for any confusion I have caused… We are engaging with our cadets via the Zoom platform, but I was really just wanting some inspiration about content etc…
I just want to keep our cadets engaged at this stage… so I would like to keep it fun for them.

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Do you have access to your CCFs generic account (if such a thing exists?)

If so join this as linked in the other thread and there is a section for ‘fun engagement’ or something similar.

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