OneDrive migration

I’m having a bit of a nightmare with OneDrive and I’m hoping that someone can make sense of it for me… Posting here as helpdesk has been a black hole for months…

  1. I have a OneDrive folder on a role account. This folder is shared with various people who are closely related to the role.
  2. When I was issued with a personal account, I shared the folder from the role account to my personal account. This created a shortcut in my personal account OneDrive which took me to the shared folder on the role account OneDrive.
  3. I always used the shortcut to access the documents and work with them.
  4. At some point, a “migrated documents” folder appeared in my personal OneDrive.
  5. I continued to always use the existing shortcut to access the documents and work with them.

I’d assumed that when the folder had been migrated, the existing shortcut had maintained its link with the correct folder. I’m much more familiar with the Google suite of products and that’s how it would work on Google Drive.

However, I’ve now realised that the folder wasn’t moved, it was actually copied. So my shortcut still points to the old location, and the automatically migrated copy is now out of date.

I don’t really want personal ownership of these files. They logically belong to the role and in my opinion that’s where they should sit. So I don’t really want to copy them to my personal account and re-share them out from there. If I left tomorrow then others would need to continue to access these files even after my personal account was closed.

Somebody recommended creating a Team for this, so the Team can have ownership of the files, but I don’t appear to be able to create a Team. When I click “Create or join a team” I can only join a team using a code, and have no option to create one.

What is the best way to handle this situation please? Any help appreciated, thanks.

Totally understand your thinking. I have the same.
Soon, the role OneDrive will disappear leaving only your personal. So the options are:

  1. Share the new folder
  2. request the creation of a team via help desk (because as you’ve found, we can’t create teams or groups ourselves)
  3. create a suitible location on your Wing SharePoint site and host the files there. You can restrict access to specific people.

Option 3 is probably the most logical.

Option 2 creates you a MS Team with associated Sharepoint page which could be linked to on the Wing Sharepoint page.


I moved all the Sqn filing to the ‘back-end’ sharepoint page when the Sqn Team was created.

For my Wing stuff though I already had a subsite on the Wing site which I use for that role stuff now, as I don’t need the additional ‘benefits’ of a dedicated team; just somewhere independent and accessible to host the files.

Thanks for your replies.

I’ve deleted the automatically migrated one because it’s now a week out of date and I’ve made loads of small changes since then and I’m not going to attempt to recreate them all…

I like OneDrive as I can work with the files like they are stored locally even though they are being synchronised automatically. Can I still do this with SharePoint? I don’t want to have to download and re-upload documents just to edit them.

Absolutely, you can.
You can link the sharepoint libraries with OneDrive and they appear just as the folders in your OneDrive do.

It’s one of the best features of the OneDrive app on a PC/Mac.
You can do this for all sharepoint libraries. I have the RAFAC Key Documents linked, along with various others which I access regularly. I rarely need to login to sharepoint any more.

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Thanks, I might try that. I’ve not worked with SharePoint permissions before and I’m slightly apprehensive about putting these files on there. They include personal course reports that shouldn’t be shared.

Does anyone know how long I have before the files on the role account (the master copy, in my case) are deleted?

You can create different document libraries underneath your Sharepoint site, and set the permissions individually on each document library, that’s what I’ve done

This will be the end of the Personal Account rollout when all licences are removed + 30 days probably and MS remove the data.

More than happy to help you out with SharePoint Permissions if you wanted to run through it.

Another option for course reports and the like is that you could upload them to the individual’s SMS record. But you’d need to decide for yourself whether the content is appropriate for that as it would be visible to all at Wing/Region/Corps level, Sqn OC, and anyone on the Sqn to whom the Sqn OC has given ‘staff view’ SMS privileges.

Though, I would expect that in most cases a course report, whilst not appropriate for all and sundry, shouldn’t be an issue for the line management to view.

Yeh, this situation had crossed my mind too. Given that role mail addresses will continue, but accounts won’t (which I think has the potential to confuse some people), I agree that the correct thing to do will be to create a Sharepoint site for the role. I’m a little worried about having spent 3 years teaching people to use OneDrive, we’ve now got to teach a lot of people an extra layer of Sharepoint faff…

(although I do recognise that the people who are least likely to have ever used OneDrive because of a lack of training / experience won’t have to migrate anything, which will actually help those of us who are the ones who end up training them!)