On parade in MTP

Anyone else decided to put their cadets on Remembrance Sunday parade or anything like Poppy Appeal collections in MTP due to the blue uniform shortage?

Feels really wrong to have to do but must be better than turning up in civvies or not at all.

What’s wrong with smart civvies, better than some I’ll-informed individual thinking they’re ACF :roll_eyes:

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What sort of numbers do you have? Any way to put a blue flight or even just a detail out?

All of your cadets have MTP?!?

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It wouldn’t be a terrible thing if they were mistaken, our drill since returning is still rather rusty.

Numbers wise, we’re parading approx 30-35 across two bubbles. I’m not sure who/how many cadets will end up on parade but I’d like 12, plus a Union standard bearer. Given covid, I’ve made attendance this year optional but a normal year I’d have 40-50 marching.

That’s probably too few to have more than one squad in different dress modes but if they have a complete blue set, I’ll put the standard bearer in blues.

We have an arrangement to acquire MTP from a nearby source so have managed to kit out all cadets for that, so we are always parading greens until we get our blues order completed.

I think it’s only shirts that there’s a shortage of. Have you tried asking around - there are a lot of uniform hoarding Sqn’s around.

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I’m sure a light blue “primarni” shirt under a jumper wont look too suspect.

There might be a shortage of shirts, but I’ve received nothing else so far.

Ive always advocated school unform over mtp


I reckon a mish mash of school uniforms looks a bit too Dad’s Army.

At least if there are in MTP, they will all look the same.


We used to put our newbies in school uniform with a. jeltex over the top.

But also MTP looks a lot like not air cadets…imho. School uniforms all the way if they don’t have blue- or black school trousers with a crisp packet as per @daws1159

I don’t really give a monkeys who people think we are. I’ve been confused for being a Tesco security guard whilst wearing blues on a bag pack. And my cadets have been called Army cadets whilst in blues. Generally speaking, the population is uniform blind.

What’s important to me is that my cadets feel part of the military family, and being in uniform on a remembrance parade is a big part of that.


School uniform looks a lot less like Air cadets than MTP with a blue beret.