I thought a new thread to discuss the Olympics was called for.


What the hell just happened at the start of the Triathlon?!

“This is a shambles”.

A bit of an understatement! That could have led to a major major injury, if not many. Who the hell starts the race while the camera boat is in the way?! :joy: :joy:


30 degree water and 70% humidity, it must be like Swimming in the bath!

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Yeah, I’m not sure if that is better or worse than swimming in water that’s less than 8C? I think the cycling in that heat will be killer though!

I’ve always wanted to do a Sprint distance triathlon just to say I’d done it, but it’s the bike that puts me off.

It’s the exercise that puts me off :grimacing: :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

I do enjoy watching others do it though! (I realise this sounds weird after posting. I enjoy watching sports. Not just watching people exercise…)

Also that camera boat seems to be getting way too close again…

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Yeah I’m a big fan of pies and not a big fan of exercise.

I’m moving house later this year and hoping that their will be a local park run to get involved with.

BBC coverage is pretty dire this time around. Discovery+ is free in some cases (with Vodaphone or Sky Q, I believe) or only £6.99 for the month.

I don’t know what it is this year, but until I started seeing news updates about the opening ceremony (because gaming news, groups, and channels picked it up due to music choices etc) I didn’t even register it was on.

I’m usually abnormally interested in the Olympics and major champs (less so diamond league, etc) purposefully watching things I wouldn’t otherwise, but I haven’t been fussed about seeing it or keeping up with it.

I think I’m still in a mental malaise from the past 17 months and I’m kind of sad about it (being disinterested in stuff).


Catching a reference to horse dancing earlier made me think of Eddie Izzard and her stand up skit on dressage. Had a chuckle to myself.

Discovery paid a huge amount (£1b+) for all the European broadcast rights and then only gave the BBC two live channels to pick from.

But if the beeb had paid for full rights then everybody would be complaining about the waste of money…

Think it’s been done strategically based on the time difference, so not many things will be watched at 3am, but next time around in Paris they’ll have the lot.

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Tom Daley and Matty Lee have just won gold in the 10m synchronised diving.

Also looks like Tom Pidcock might win the mountain biking in the next couple of laps.

I am watching on Eurosports1 and Eurosports2…

filling the Sky box with their “live” coverage to watch at a more civilised UK hour

Found out yesterday that James Wilby is an ex cadet

Adam Peaty doing what he has done for the last 8 years… phenomenal.

The time difference will be a PITA for the athletics.

I only really want to watch the 3x3 basketball and I doubt the BBC would really be covering that if they had full rights anyway.

Can’t believe how spread out the Swim is in the women’s Triathlon!

Finally caught up on this. OMG.

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We’ve got a great shot at a Gold in the relay based upon the performances on the individual races.

The GB men’s 7s must be rueing the decision to not select any out and out back row forwards. Speed and mass.