Old Music Badges?

Just wondering, are cadets still allowed to wear the old music badge? Just think it looks nice lmao

The transition to PTS badges is complete and cadets should only have the new ones now

They should be given the relevant PTS badge - the old badges mean nothing within the PTS and are not authorised within AP1358C.

Would anybody like about a dozen, useless, metal instrumentalist badges?
A few with the brass backing plate and most of them missing their pins?


Make a wind chime.

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Or a baby mobile for a future bandsman.

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You really sure about that? Maybe it should be but I still see a few old badges (normally first aid) being worn.
I suspect lack of supply of many new badges has interfered with the migration from old to new, but I also saw no drive to make it happen either.

The official transition is complete. I didn’t say HQAC had the capability to deliver on it though

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