Old Cadet Paperwork

Helping to clear junk from Squadron Hut and we found old 3822a paperwork and a few forms from ‘expired’ through age cadets. Are supposed to hang on to this information, Does anyone know if there is a time limit e.g. keep for 12 months after cadet leaves?

We would be grateful for advice.

When a cadet leaves you should forward their 3822A to Wing HQ.
The form has to be retained until the cadet is 21.

TG consent/health forms are also supposed to sent to WHQ for retention immediately following the event to which they relate.

I’d bang all the old forms up to WHQ and let them worry about it.

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Cheers W*2b, I will put it all in a box and delivered later on.
I wonder if things will change in the future re cadet portal and move towards paperless ATC?