Old age and ranks

Am I to old to return into uniform again for 2nd time after 15 years away, after beating cancer and coming up to 66 years old and not to savy on all things I.T. What rank would I be offered? Did W/O course at Cranwell 15 years ago but don’t think I could manage all that again due to no where near as fit and active. Can I do a Carol Vordaman instant access :joy:

I’m sure your experience would be welcomed back in the organisation but don’t focus on what rank you would have. Start off as a CI and see how you get on in what is a very different organisation now.


Truth be told a lot has changed regarding uniform roles, now most CIs have the same respect as officers. At least on our Squadron position is now seen as more important that rank.

The extra pair of hands on any Squadron is always welcomed, especially with an experienced ex-CFAV.

My advice would be to return as a CI for now and see if you can reintegrate to Squadron life and get used to the new developments- some people are struggling with coming back after Covid, let alone 15 years. From there I would go down the usual route, contact the Wing and see if exceptions to age can still be made etc. If your Wing Chief of Staff/CO is as nice as ours you may very well be able to be restored to your previous rank, although I would not be surprised if you would have to redo a course or two due to changes in safeguarding procedures. I am not too certain as to the upper age limit as every Wing seems to differ in tolerance, as long as you are still capable and beneficial to the Corps I am sure your Wing can support you through the process.