‘Official’ RAFAC daysack

Has anyone seen this being advertised by a friendly local supplier of items to the Cadet Forces?

It claims to be ‘Official’. It looks rather like an issue crowbag but not quite.

Any idea where this has come from?


https://www.cadetdirect.com/official-raf-air-cadet-daysack-30-litre-black This?

That’s the one

Knock off of MOD issue. It’s Kammo.

Or rather, MOD issue “inspired” design.

Don’t get the “official” tag. Well, I do - it’s Cadet Direct…

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It might not be terrible, but I don’t want little Jonny or Jane turning up saying it’s official kit. Not ideal for fieldcraft, there is better for less. It probably looks ok with Blues and is better than a Tesco bag.

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Bog standard budget kit at non budget prices. Better than Wish, but nothing special.

If one of mine asks about it I’ll tell them to spend half as much in Sports Direct.

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You can buy much better quality for much less from sports soccer and the likes.