Officers’ No 1 uniform and greatcoat for sale

The No 1s fit me comfortably and I’m 6’ 3”, 42” chest, 36” waist and 34” leg. They’re in good condition and just need a dry clean as they’ve been stored hanging up in a cellar wardrobe for a long time. Currently ranked Sqn Ldr with a couple of ribbons.

The greatcoat is a little ‘snug’ on me, so probably a good fit for someone 2” smaller (more if you intend to wear a jacket underneath, a bit warm if you do). It was converted from an airmans’ coat, so a slightly darker blue and coarser fabric, but it has cuffs and epaulettes. You wouldn’t be able to wear it on a parade where others were wearing official greatcoats. Also ranked Sqn Ldr.

I reckon £150 for the No1 and £45 for the greatcoat is reasonable. You could take advantage of the 6 months interest free options on both; £150 or £45 deposit respectively, followed by 6 payments of £0.

PM if interested, photo of both available as well.



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If I miss a month will it affect my credit rating?


One month, no, any more and it’ll be no flying or gliding for you until it’s sorted …

No wait …