Officer transfer from ACF to ATC


Which has more credibility Royal warrant or Defence council letter. MMMMMMmmmmmm

I am of that opinion also. There seems a lot of hot air but not much substance to the CFCs.


Maybe not for RAFAC but my Army officers have had their commission scrolls so they definitely exist.


Bearing in mind the defence Council have the power to terminate the commission and the decision post dates the CFC warrant being issued I think you know where I stand. I accept that they really should be sending letters to each person but they have published the decision on sharepoint where all commissioned staff should in theory at least be able to see it.


But a person gets individually appointed to a commission, surely it has to be an individual letter/scroll to reappoint them to the new commission?


But see MattB’s post above, where the amended Royal Warrant clearly states that an officer appointed before the date prescribed, retains their VR commission.

I wonder if this is the basis for the rumoured legal challenge?


But it leaves the DC the power to remove the VR commission which they subsequently did. There is plenty to base a challenge on but this would be a very weak argument to throw in the mix


It depends on the date the Royal Warrant was amended and the date of the Defence Councils letter. if the warrant was amended after the letter, then they have made a bold statement insomuch that officers appointed before Oct 17 continue to hold a commission in the RAFVR.

Ok. Let’s say for the sake of argument that the Defence Council have removed the VR commission. However, they appear to have not replaced it with a CFC:

  1. we have not seen any gazetted mass relinquishments of RAFVR commissions.
  2. we have not been appointed to a CFC in the London Gazette.
  3. we have not received commissioning scrolls confirming our status as holders of the CFC.

Hell, I didn’t even receive a letter from CAC telling me I was being booted out of the RAFVR!

So, are RAFAC officers still RAFVR or are we in limbo-land and not actually holding any form of commission? After all, all we have is that letter (a four year old could have written it better) telling us that one commission has been removed and another conferred, without any actual evidence of such conferment being produced.