Officer No.5 Mess Dress - Best place to buy


So, apart from trying to obtain Mess Dress from stores with a few packets of choccy biccys…
And excluding Flea Bay…

  • Where is the best place to get Officers Mess Dress?
    **Turner Virr (uniforium), Snaiths, Goodalls Tailors, etc…

  • What’s the best for price and for quality?

This will be good for a debate on the best place to help other people wanting to get dolled up.


Once they finish with all the RAFAC rebranding you could probably get a trackie from Sports Direct. :sunglasses:


and Dunlop Green Flash to complete the ensemble


Already ahead of you, a tuxedo onesie :wink:


If they did it in RAF blue it’d be worth the crack.


Dragon’s Den here I come


You probably won’t scrounge on with biscuits but Cranwell stores will sell you a set for about £150.

You could splash out on a new set from Turner & Virr for about £500.


There was a company that used to make Mess Dress Onesies


Surely it would be called a Number Onesie.


Have we not tried to trademark that yet?


Mess dress is Fivesie, surely.

It’d be more comfy and when you spill something down it easily washed.


Back on topic… RAF Halton Tailor has a surprising amount of officer mess dress, considering the station’s remit, and of course can do necessary alterations.