ODI ACLO contact?

If anyone has a contact for the ACLO (team?) at Odiham I’d be grateful if you could PM me. The contacts I have from camp last year are all role emails and the one I emailed has moved on!

PM sent with details

are there not generic “ACLO” accounts?

I know there is one for Benson, not difficult to work it out if you apply a similar logic as used for @aircadets.org addressed

Not so for the ones I have used this month for Coningsby or Waddington ACLOs - they are “work” email addresses.

Given that ACLOs can change like the weather, (or as we had a couple of times the deputy, deputy, deputy as the others were on leave or other things) you’d have thought there would be a generic ‘team’ address so that anyone in the ACLO team can pick things up.

Some do - such as Northolt - NOR-ACLO “at” mod.uk

Benson (Ben) have a similiar format…

i suspect the “work” emails are used in preferance to ACLO addresses to save having multiple accounts to check.

how many WSOs are also project officers and use one as preference to other regardless of the topic in discussion?

the generic ones are being pushed out - just taking time

Regardless of the email address(es), I think that the DII system is having a holiday sloooooow break, major issues at times. Up to one hr to load Outlook! :confounded:

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they have even set up and OP name to investigate and resolve DII issues…

Coningsby ACLO sent out a change of email address today - new one is generic format - CON-ACLO.