I am wondering if anyone on here could assist me with preparation for OASC in the next couple of months.

Has anyone on here been through the new process? Could anyone suggest specific areas to revise or what to expect on the actual OASC weekend itself?

Any help appreciated

Right, Best I can do, is show you this post by me months back, it was written when my memory was much fresher, and is more useful.


Things have changed since however, but I believe the planning exercise and interview prep is still the most important pre-selection activity to do. Any questions, feel free to ask.

If you look in the archive, I posted one in there right at the end of the OASC topic a few weeks ago, fresh after I came back (and I was successful, so something must have worked ?). In the staff mess, topic is called OASC for VRT and it’s on the bottom of page 28.

PM if you can’t find it.

I’ve edited my last to actually include the relevant link. Oops!

Great, thank’s for pointing me in the right direction.

Any tips on what to use for revision? Currently i try to keep up to date with the RAF and MOD website reading through their operational updates etc.

I received the preparation planning exercises with my Joining Instructions. So that should be sorted for you. RAF website for organisation, read the news for current affairs. More of the same of what you studied for wing.

I went on OASC last July, and managed to complete the full process!
Unfortunately I didn’t get into Welbeck, as was my desired destination, but I could definitely help you as to what to expect.
Eventually your AFCO will send you training documents which you can use. It’s not really so much that you can “revise” but more “get used to” the style of the tests, as they’re more or less testing your IQ (something you can’t really “revise” for. Either you got it in there, or you don’t. Although a low score never means a lower chance. On the previous board to myself, as well as my board, the people with the highest IQ got sent hom, unfortunately)
Try do something that will improve your memory, and it may help to look a bit at electronics/mechanics a bit, if you’ve never studied that. I had to make random guesses, since I’d never done anything to do with nuts, bolts, spanners or soldering.
Leadership. Massive thing. You’ve got to show you can do that without being arrogant etc etc. Cadets usually helps with that, but make sure you can do that.
Interview. A massive let down for most people is the current affairs part. Start reading newspapers asap. Or watching the news on TV. Make sure some are british, some are foreign, and not all are military. One of the guys who got in used one about the penguins escaping the zoo. Seriously.
Lastly, fitness. Again, start preparing this asap. It’s something that everyone struggled on, and is often underestimated. By the time you reach the physical part on the last day, you will be exhausted from early mornings and late nights (0000-0530 was my sleep time) and preparing for interviews etc. Try to over prepare for the fitness, so that you can do the MSFT/run in much quicker time, and do more press-ups and sit-ups than needed for the amber pass.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It depends on whether the OP is talking about the RAF or the VR(T) version too…

cadettang wrote:

Are you sure this was the reason and not just coincidence? Seems highly unlikely they’d turn you away from Officer selection for having intelligence… unless you wanted to be a rockape!!! :evil:

:o Whaaaat?!?! You mean they didn’t put you in a 5 star hotel, let you start at 10 and finish by 3?? You obviously weren’t going for pilot!

5 and a half hours sleep seems a luxury to me, certainly not something the young lads/lasses going on OASC should be struggling with.

Very sure :stuck_out_tongue: By the time they turn people away, you’ll have done your leaderless exercise as well as the other hangar exercises, which is, pretty much, the biggest part, along with the interview which is after mid-process. The guy with the lowest IQ managed to stay on!

Ahaha, well they put us in what is the equivalent of officer accommodation. I turned the key, opened the door and thought I was in the wrong area until I was greeted by another candidate! Admittedly, you don’t necessarily have that little sleep, but your evenings are usually spent socialising (very very important to create bonds. You’ll need the support. And recluses tend to be booted out, as well) and then preparing for the next day/interviews. And then I like to get up a little earlier to prepare (I also have a bad tendency to snooze my alarm, so this is a time allowance)

What role are you applying for?

I’m pretty sure that the OP is referring to the new selection process for RAFVR(T) officers, whih cas you will know is a very different role compared to that of a regular serving officer, they aren’t trained killers for one !!!

Sounds like they’re preparing you well for life in the RAF then, spend all night up boozing then be expected to perform the next day!

I’m not applying, I left a few months ago, may end up back in though if I can’t get myself a job flying.

themajor wrote:

Certainly never the way I’d describe an RAF officer :wink: :evil:

Well we all survived! Best part was probably the socialising…

Ah, well good luck with that! OASC should be a doddle if you’ve been through it, before :slight_smile:

I got a LOT more sleep than that. VR(T) OASC had a lot of down time. We were in the bar by 1800 on the second night. And I was asleep by half 10. (no-one fancied drinking past 9 with interviews the following morning.)

Also, as has been widely documented/criticised/moaned about elsewhere on this forum. There is no fitness assessment anymore.

Have had a look through some of the links above and it’s good to see other people experiences of the VR(T) OASC process.

I am on the January OASC course and was wondering if they issue any joining instructions or anything prior to attendance? Has anyone recieved anything other than the booking confirmation e-mail for previous courses?

They issued me with some advance study materials and I think mess rules. (although I may be confusing the JIs for OIC and OASC) But you definitely should have something.

I’ve got my confirmation email from HQAC for my attendance on the early Feb course, so with little more than 2 weeks to prep for it I’m looking for all the pointers.

There was a link to the commissioning page on the email but I haven’t had a change to look at it yet - is it likely to contain any prep content?

edit: to add that I’ve read the two “diary” posts in the linked archived topic from the old site.

If anyone knows of anymore like those two then please let me know of them, ta.

There won’t be any more like that on the old site, as the process is only a year old this weekend coming. What we really need is someone who has done it recently going through it anew, as there have been changes to the process from the first one which I attended, as we would expect.

Also, I think an update to the commissioning guide would be useful to reflect these changes.

Foley! where are you?!


Quite possibly Belgium by now.

Though he managed to miss the OASC system by a month or so - Matt2367 (see a few posts ago), however, was there last week.

They sent no JIs so nobody really knew what was going on I hear.