Oasc question

Having recently passed P2 Filter Interview for CFC been asked to book onto oasc assessment at cranditz.

Does anyone know - do I book it - if so how or do Whq book it.

Also if anyone who has recently been to oasc assessment can advise me the current format it would be much appreciated

Book via WeXO usually - or get your OC to do it.

I went to OASC under the old 2 day system so there may be others whose intel is more current. But I can ask around.

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As communicated by SO1 Coord to all with access to a @aircadets.org email address, there is also guidance on SharePoint in the form of Pers 2-01B (linked above)(Bader Access Required)

I did answer these questions for you the other day @CheshireCat :joy:.