Oasc hints tips and time distance examples

If anyone can assist in any hints tips for oasc and a variety of time and distance sample questions it would be appreciated.

There are numerous books available, such as this one.

There’s a huge thread in the armed forces careers section on The Student Room

The exercises in the OASC prep booklet on BADER is a good place to start, however, they are a bit more complex during the actual thing! The scenarios being more complex, not the maths.

The maths is basic DST.

I always remember speed = distance / time (not really sure why, but that’s the format that sticks).

Think of the units - meters per second (distance per time) - and make sure they match.

The planning exercises from these books really helped me prepare, much more so than just practicing speed distance time calculations.

The trick really is to work out a system that works for you, and practise it.

Recognising the sub-divisions is probably the biggest part, and how they fit together.

Eg learn:

2 mph = 30 min/mi
3 mph = 20 m/m
4 mph = 15 m/m
5 mph = 12 m/m
6 mph = 10 m/m
7.5 mph = 8 m/m

And vice-versa (eg 12 mph = 5m/m)

From there you can also do *10 or /10, 100, etc - eg 60 mph = 1 m/m

Recognising those figures will probably stand you in good stead for any SDT calculations you’ll need to make.