OASC for a flying scholarship

Has anyone on here been to Cranwell and attended OASC as part of a flying scholarship application/selection? i.e. not as part of their application to join the RAF.

I know some civvie organisations/charitable trusts offer it, and I was wondering what parts of OASC are taken and how much it is like ‘the real thing’?

As I understand it it’s just the aptitude tests and an interview but don’t have first hand experience of applying for a flying scholarship myself.

The various application forms over the last few years for RAFA Flying Scholarship have said aptitude testing, & for a couple of years, with Board interview.

I have - in 1987!

It used to be the standard route but it was dropped in favour of requiring a GS before applying for FS (the dots may not join up precisely!)

What about the Air League scholarships?

They have said in the past (2019 Flying Scholarships closed for applications):

The selection process includes the careful consideration of written applications for
Scholarships following an advertisement or invitation by ALT to apply. At its discretion,
ALT may require an interview, aptitude testing, written theory test or other selection
methods as required to be conducted.