OASC delay?

I’m hearing that the OASC is suffering from a massive backlog from the regulars, which is getting worse with every week that goes by. Potential officer candidates in ‘non-priority’ branches are being told to expect a board ‘sometime next year’, which seems a long time to put your life on hold.

How will this affect RAFAC officer candidates? Will they have even longer to wait than the regulars?


I think that goes without saying. Might be an opportunity for an even more volunteer friendly process to be introduced.

I know that the RN are currently conducting online Admiralty Interview Boards for priority trades.

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They will go to the bottom of the list and priority for spaces will go to those signing up to not be pretend officers and rightly so

One of the best moves the organisation made was to move selection away from a cosy chat with the Regional Commandants to OASC - It gave us a commissioned cohort who are far more credible and meant that, at least, they can give an insight in to what OASC is like for those going for regular commissions.

The reduction to one day is understandable given the pressures and costs involved, but it doesn’t quite give the same experience.

Anything done to reduce the backlog shouldn’t shy away from the commitment and qualities needed. Taking one or two days out to attend OASC demonstrates commitment - I do hope that this does not go to a MS Teams call for 30mins or similar just to get candidates through the process.


You are 100% correct. in certain regions under ex Gp Cpts, VRT became a bit of a face fits club.

A hybrid would be the best route… Recruitment and selection team that operates at nationally but facilitates selection locally


Easier for some to do this than others.

I did my wing board two years ago but as I was in full time education and on zero hours contracts there was no way I could get time off to do three (now two) days in Lincolnshire without haemorrhaging money or missing things I’d already paid for.

Now I’m in a full time job it’ll likely be easier but now we have this COVID related delay.

Had heard this was being reconsidered as a possibility to help reduce the backlog :man_shrugging:t2:

But presumably you could take time off for OIC, Annual Camps, Sector Events etc etc - You see my point?!

The other factor in this is that many employers no longer give generous ‘Armed Forces Reserve’ leave as they did when it was VR(T) . This means annual leave being used.
Quite why someone I know of gets two weeks off to fly Tutors during summer camp season but a RAFAC Officer has to take annual leave is beyond me!

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Us SNCO population have had this battle for years and coped… Why should it be an issue now for officers


Regardless of the merits or not of the current process I think what is obvious is that no RAFAC candidates will be getting anywhere near OASC for a very long time, so unless HQAC is willing to accept no new officers for the foreseeable future then something else needs to be done.


I must say that I agree with the above sentiments of OASC largely being a good thing. We know the bar is lowered but the day itself and the way it is conducted feels like the real deal.

It gives the boarding staff a chance to bin off anyone totally unsuitable too. Several youngsters on my OASC obviously shouldn’t have been there and hadn’t even had a wing board, they have all been told to go back in a few years time… And actually having been means we can give meaningful advise to anyone looking to do it for real.

Could HQAC not provide their own staff to run a Cadet OASC, trying to keep it as true to the way it is done now as possible… The order of the day could be worked out on a rota so that groups don’t bang into each other or hold each other up?


Because it is something officers had, it has now been taken away (save for a few understanding employers that understand the value of the Cadet Forces, or simply do not understand the difference between Reserve Forces and CFAV).

I think we should bin off OASC completely and replace it with a board in ATF. Don’t see why we need the RAF to validate our personnel now they don’t hold any form of RAF related commission but I do understand the validation from having someone external to the Region complete selection.


RAFAC already pay for 2 staff at the OASC. The ban on residential activities will hit selection as driving to Cranwell is not feasible for for most.

Didn’t realise this.

I couldn’t disagree more.

We wear the uniform of the RAF, they should say who is fit to wear it.

Take away RAF OASC and officers would lose even more credibility with the regulars, and denies any experience of the process with which to guide and inspire cadets.


It’s all employer dependant.

It’s not commission dependant.

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If they accept that, then they are accepting the death of the Corps.

Why does it matter what the regulars think? Most of us have zero interaction with them and are aware that we’re nothing more than glorified scout leaders.

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Do the OASC process, just not at OASC.

We’ve got ATF, we’ve got a headquarters. Put them to use.

Better yet, let those staff who are trained to deliver the OASC experience travel to the regions.