Number 1 Rank Badge

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Just wondering whether anyone has any tips on how to see the sergeant chevrons onto number 1’s?

I know it is places 24.1cm (9.49 inches) below the seem, and central to the eagle.

How would you recommend sewing the badge on?


To do it properly you have to unstitch the lining inside the sleeve to then see the badge to the outer. You may get away with just stitching through the outer if you can feel the liner and pull it away.

Or you do what I did first time around and sew the lining shut inside the sleeve :man_facepalming:

Time and care is the key. Hang it, measure, pin it, check it, tack it, hang it and check it again, do a side, check it again. Once that far it should be a lot less likely to go wrong, but being paranoid in those first stages can mean you don’t end up noticing a problem after you’ve tightly stitched and made it difficult to remove (or put your arm in!).

Just glue it on…


It’s very easy to pull the lining to one side so that when you pin on the badge, you don’t catch the lining.

If you are near a good sized RAF base, ask Clothing Stores if there is a stn tailor - they might be able to help.

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Or, indeed, any tailor?

I’ve just taken my jacket to a high-street tailor with the relevant page from ACP1358 and demonstrated roughly - they understood what needed doing.

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Yep, just didn’t think about it first time.

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Well, as a cadet, we had the battledress tunic type = rank chevrons sewn on the sleeves. My mother had shown me the basics for other badges, & said get on with it! Crack on.

Basic airman trg at RAF Swinderby - various badges to be sewn on, crack on!

Later on, after the AAITC at RAF Finningley for AEOp, it was straight to (acting) sgt rank = only a weekend to get things sorted (Thunderbird tunic jackets, again rank chevrons on the sleeves), so no time to get to a tailor, crack on!

Today, if you ask cadets if they can sew, most of them will say no.

Very true

That’s why we tend to do sewing sessions with the newbies when issuing brassards


Most adults can’t sew either. You should see the state of some gowns at court.


I can’t sow to save toffee, I just get my Batman to do it for me :rofl::rofl:

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I hear there are tractors for that now.