NSN For Ear Defenders

Anyone got the NSN for the current issue ear defenders please?

We’ve got obsolete legacy pairs on the Sqn (pre-cream banded) that need exchanging. Friendly Store man in parent Station Stores says he can order us new ones if we have the NSN. Tried the Station Armoury and they don’t know are are saying its the storemans job!

I asked the same question off of my WExO, and got this reply:

"Spoke with xxxxxxxxx in Clothing at RAF xxxxxxxxx today, to ascertain the correct code numbers for ordering ear defenders. They are happy for units to indent in the same manner as clothing. Units need to quote the following numbers:-

Under 16 Years (Yellow Band) 4240999576913
Over 16 Years (Folding type) 4240997731232"

I had to order them about 4 times, mind…

Can anyone point me to the reference where it is specified that Under 16s have to wear a different type of hearing protection?

It would be odd if you found a reference anywhere as to my knowledge there is no such rule.

We only ever use 4240-99-773-1232 (PROTECTOR, HEARING, General Service). Or the ear plugs if necessary.

I honestly couldn’t tell you where or if it is written down.

I can tell you that I was told on my RMQ(SR) course that over 16’s firing the .22 could use the folding type ear defender or foam earplugs, whilst under 16’s had to use the Yellow banded ear defenders. I think they also said that everyone had to wear the Yellow banded ear defenders when full bore shooting.

Rather than mess around with different ear muff combinations, I ordered the yellow banded one for every shoot, regardless of their age.

Sounds ‘local’ to me. I have never seen those other ear defenders in use on a range. I would have heard about it if it was a proper rule. It would be in AC 71855-C for starters.

Maybe it is local - although my course was over 10 years ago, and the reference material has been updated/replaced several times over since then.

The yellow banded Peltor ear defenders are the only ones we use on the range, and are the only type I’ve ever been issued in the ‘range pack’ by station armouries when spending the day on the range.

Locally, you might have to use those provided - HON = the electronic noise-cancelling version.

I’ve seen some barrack ranges (RAF Station ones with a roof) detail in the range orders that the yellow band type must be used by cadets.

Other than that Cadet Training: Ranges isn’t as prescriptive and simply says that issued and serviceable ear defenders must be used.

ACTO042 states

41. Personnel participating in training of all types with live and blank ammunition including the
use of pyrotechnics are to wear issued, serviceable hearing protection. This also applies to
personnel in the butts of a gallery range. Full details of the various types of hearing protection are at Reference A Chapter 2 Section 2. Particular attention should be paid to Local Range Order which may state that berets must not be worn by Cadet Force personnel during live firing.[/quote]

reference A is Pam-21C - which we dont use anymore…

I remember years ago we had to return our new-ish ear defenders to the parent station and have them swapped to the yellow banded ones that’s what we were to wear on the indoor range.

The range orders for our local indoor range say the same thing, I suspect that since some ranges insist on it most units have switched to just using the one type to save confusion.

It is another ATCism.