Nothing being delivered to the cadets

With the Royal Air Force Air Cadets being in a state of hibernation, and with the release of Microsoft Teams to all bader accounts to enable cadets to still progress through various activities (which can be delivered online).

Cadets on my squadron have not received anything like this. and haven’t been updated with what has been put in place. As a staff cadet and someone who wants to makes different to the cadets, in and out of this unprecedented time. This is quite upsetting. I have talked to the staff and said I will help wherever I can, but no response.

Is there anything I can do to get through to the staff? to make them see the bigger picture. the NCO team are also being left out on this, with it being the NCOs that was told just before this happened we will be taking on more roles to assist the staff team and with delivering down to the cadets.

Would you be able to give me advice?


Unfortunately, not a huge amount you can do if your squadron staff aren’t running with the new Virtual Parade Nights initiative.

One option is to contact your Sector Officer and ask them to talk to your squadron staff.

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There might be very good reasons why they’re not delivering anything. Perhaps staff or their partners are NHS or other key workers and just haven’t got the time or energy.

Speaking to Sector Officer is a good idea. You might be able to join another Sqn’s activities.

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Indeed as @grounded has said, but the least they should be doing is pushing events and activities to Cadet Portal, because I guarantee that someone in your Wing (or Indeed Region) is running something.

Is that guarantee based on specific knowledge of the cadet’s situation, or just intended as a general assumption?

general assumption.

You may want to be careful with those :slight_smile:


pffttt, spoilsport :wink:

As previously discussed there may be reasons why your Sqn aren’t running any - from the fact you need two staff present at a virtual evening and they haven’t got that available, to something such they are not very IT literate and are doing their own training prior to talking to the cadets.

It may not be the best way but there could be many reasons for it - it’s not a requirement for squadrons to provide activities during this time.

There are options such as the RAF STEM booklet for cadets is freely available on the Cadet Portal or social media, or there are lots of Squadron opening up daily challenges to anyone.

Don’t forget we’ve only been closed 2 week and in the grand scheme of things that is not long at all especially when they may be having a lot going on in their personal lives.

As mentioned above there maybe various reasons why your staff havent delivered anything yet.
For example - I for one work in the NHS, although I am not front line, at the time we were forced to close the squadron I had already not been able to do any cadet related work for the best part of 2 weeks. Now things have calmed down I am playing catch up on the best part of a months worth of cadet admin (you will be surprised at how many emails an OC gets even when the sqn is shut) and learning how to use new ICT systems.

All I can say is be patient with your staff team and remember they are volunteers, many of them will not only have been having to learn how to do their jobs remotely but may also have young kids who are also being home schooled so cadets will simply not be their top priority at the moment.


You can only push events, if the unit has been invited.

@GeoC If the staff are unable to run the evening, or don’t have the cooperation of neighbouring squadrons to allow you to join them online, then there isn’t much you can do about - All cadets participating in online training must be added to an event, which you’ll be able to access through the cadet portal.

By all means speak to your sector commander, but please be mindful that your staff may have some very valid and solid reasons for not having run virtual parade nights.


Send an email to your Squadron Training Officer and OC, if no resolution or communication within 7 days then forward that email to your Wing Staff Officer or the Wing Training Officer. It’s highly likely that they are aware whether or not your Squadron is running any VPNs and they’re probably trying to arrange a resolution - I hope.

Regardless of what’s going on where and how, all Cadets should be afforded the same opportunities even if they’re joining other units VPNs - which is happening.

I agree.

Unless someone knows a wing where nothing is happening at all?

I would try the following in this order.

Senior cadet nco on Sqn- are you sure nothing is happening.

Adjutant - ask

OC - ask

Sector Commander - ask what can you join in with.

Failing all the above AND only AFTER no reply from all the above. Contact the Wing training Officer then Wing Commander (as a last resort).

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Presumably asking the Training Officer would be a better shout than the adj?

As the TO on my unit I’m doing everything on my squadron in terms of planning virtual activities. The Adj has taken a bit of a step back and is just handling the odd enquiry from potential new cadets.

Agree with Paracetamol on this, the only problem being contact details for Sector Commander and even the Wing Training Officer, usually different account in different Wings; some Wings use WSC* and some use WSO*.

Try and find out what is happening in neighouring squadrons. Collate information, because if you push the button, you will be asked for evidence, i.e. what is happening at your squadron and in surrounding squadrons, as well as what you have tried to get the wheels in motion.

Whilst OC Wing is the last resort, it might be the only answer if you get nowhere.

They shouldn’t be anymore, Sector Commanders should be using WSC* and the Training Officer should be using Training.Wing

The WSO Accounts should be retained for those very few Wing Staff Officer “Generic” individuals. (Usually an OC running a project like the annual Field Day or Exercise).

Lol, ok…

Where’s that in writing as it is definitely not happening in our Wing :man_shrugging:

And even if WSC* is used, does document/policy dictate how as Wings are split differently; in our Region, there are examples of Wings being split into four distinct geographical areas and others splitting the Wing down in areas around the WSC.

Using WSO? for sector commanders here…