No3 parade night excercise ideas


A quick post asking if you people have any good ideas for greens nights. For the past 2 years all we are doing is the same, repetetive excercises that everyone is fed up of, such as crawling practice (what is useful but to a limit), casualty first aid excercises, projects, aeromodelling and occasionally leadership. Not much, people are getting bored quickly and less people come down when its greens because they know it will be the same thing! I am looking to get cadets more involved in the night and make some ideas that are fun and not repetative at the same time. (Our squadron is quite small).

Thank you!

Radio exercises.
FT lessons delivered by an FCI.
Presentation skills.
Blue leadership badge
Air rifle if you can arrange

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Invite another local squadron to visit and do something with you.

Duties of a Sentry is a fun lesson that can easily be done indoors. A roll mat under a table with a DPM/MTP basha draped over top. You can include all of the kit that a sentry will need, i.e. stag list, comms cord…

One cadet is sentry and some of the others are a friendly patrol, then rotate.


This is very dependent on the space available.We did an activity which most cadets seemed to enjoy. Two teams with bungee/elastic chord , which is held by two cadets , it being loaded by beanbags. 50-60ish metres away there is some large capacity buckets with a cadet from each team in the vicinity. There is rings of rope surrounding the bucket in which points are counted. Radios used to triangulate, very good for teamwork and competitiveness. Apologies for not being clear.