No2 Trouser Alternative

So after going through my second pair of issue trousers in a year i am on the hunt for something of a bit better quality that will last longer (and fit better).

Snaiths do a pair of No2 trousers (at £90 a pair!) but are currently out of stock.

Has anyone found an alternative to the horrific issue ones?

What are you doing to them exactly? Mine tend to last me around 8-10 years, and get binned due to fading.

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You going on AT and Fieldcraft in them whilst simultaneously skidding around the parade square? How have you managed 2 pairs in a year?

Do you need to be a bit more honest about the size? I had to do that after going through a pair quite quickly

Obviously very aggressive admin practices :joy:

The first pair i had were killed by a rogue nail so cant really be counted.

This pair does fit but are just looking tatty already! I just want a pair that actually fit me rather than whatever model they used at the factory

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Whatever you do, please try and buy a pair that are the ‘NC’/New Colour standard (in other words, properly blue:grey as opposed to the grey:grey style of previous years).

If you do a private purchase from eg Snaiths or an independant military tailor, there’s a strong chance that ready-made No2 trousers will have double-sized beltloops to allow for stable-belts (which may be absolutely fine for you).

If you’ve got unlimited funds, ask Gieves & Hawkes to quote you for a pair. But they might cost £500+

Issue No2 dress trousers are made from very-flimsy cloth…they wrinkle far too much

Fixed that for you.


Do you recon i could get away with these from Thieves & Hawks :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah on my second set as a member of staff and its been 9 years

Never mind £500+. They want £1460 for a single pair…

£1,460? Surely a more-realistic price for RAFAC uniformed staff would be £14.60…maybe this is a crowd-funding opportunity.

All we need are 98 more people and we could each have 3 days a year of trouser-hire…


Get a whole gucci set of no 1s for that!

You could get a set of 1s, 5s, full PCS with all of the ancilliaries and a complete No 2 uniform for that!

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Those trousers better be around after the heat death of the universe for that much.

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Umm…but not from Gieves & Hawkes

How much do G&H labels cost?


It’s not the labels but the platinum plated thread that costs

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