No1 Uniform for sale

Greetings All

I am selling my No1 dress uniform as I have had to order a new set as this no longer fits

Therefore I have the following to offer up for sale.

No1 jacket.

Size chest 100. Ranked to Flt Lt, medal ribbons QGJM, QDJM, CFM with 2 rosettes and sword belt hooks. £170

Choice of No 1 dress trousers.

  1. Size 84cm waist, inside leg approx 77cm. £60
  2. Size 76cm waist, inside leg approx 74cm. £60
  3. Size 76cm waist, inside leg approx 77 cm. £60

All in immaculate condition. Selling as it’s now too big!

Brand new including ranking and ribbons would be in excess of £360.

Located in the North West, Liverpool/Manchester area. Happy to meet within a reasonable distance or I can ship out Next Day to buyers expense. Please advise which size trousers you would prefer.

Please feel free to PM me for further details.

I will have some No5 uniform for sale and will email sizes when I get chance.

I know what goes up must come down but for No1s that’s very unusual!

Much Kudos :bowdown:


very true. a lot of hard work involved!

Many thanks

come on…share the secret :slight_smile:

I hear getting a tapeworm works wonders

30 mind of high intensity training every day, eating less crappy food plus 100 sit up and press ups a day and I run 10k once a week.

Reduce the carb intake so no bread, pasta, potatoes. Didn’t touch chocolate for a year and haven’t eaten crisps for 18 months.

Now my metabolism has sped up, I can have more treats. Unfortunately I’ve had to replace 95% of my uniform!!

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Well done but after reading that I’m away to lay down


Payday bump

Weekend bump

Open to sensible offers