No1 and No5

Any one know where I can purchase a full set of no1s and a full set of No5 for SNCO (ATC) including the gilt pins? Or does anyone on here sell them?

Ideally I would like a set of no1s before remembrance parade and no5s after Christmas

There are tailor’s out there that will fix up a set to fit, for a high price. A quick Google search will bring up tailor’s who will provide.
I got my set off eBay as it was significantly cheaper and got it adjusted at a local tailor. Though this is a bit of a gamble as the trousers and jacket won’t always match and the sizes aren’t always accurate.
You should have been issued a set of pins from wing, regardless if you have No.1s or not.

Flea bay is the answer, or if you know anyone local to your squadron

I’ve a set of No1’s for sale.

Admittedly they are ranked to Flt Lt but they can be easily removed.

Drop me a pm with your sizes if you’re interested.

Will do, I’ll just get the sizes together and will PM you

They’re no good for an SNCO though…

Ah yes, pockets?!


Very true

I have a set of both which are surplus to my requirements (ranked as FS). PM me.

Try Clothing Stores at RAF Cranwell for part worn sets. They may be able to send to your parent unit for you to try on.

Could I purchase at my parent stores?

If they have the uniform, either from their or someone else’s stocks, then there should be no reason why not!

Has anybody ordered from uniforium? Can get a set of No5 for £275, if anybody has what are they like?

I’ve never used them but that does seem insanely cheap for what at first glance appears to be a set of made-to-measure.

They are part of the Hobson group which lends some creedence, though they appear to be linked with Turner Virr, of whom I do not hold a particularly high opinion. I’ve had to drastically alter too many supposedly made-to-measure Turner Virr uniforms over the years which were a particularly poor fit on their owners.

I would though also be interested to hear opinions from anyone who’s used them.

Uniforuim are T&V.

I’ve used them on a couple of occasions however, if you are local to Leeds or are prepared to travel, they can book you an appointment with the Tailor.

You’ll at least be able to try them on. Tailor also visits Cosford, Shawbury and Cranwell on a regular basis.

T&V in Leeds is easy to get to. Just off the M62.

I have 2 sets of officers No1s for sale. Drop me a PM if anyone is interested.

I might just go for it with the measurements I’ve provided, could always send back if it’s wrong!

I believe T&V lost the contract and are now only replacing from stock. Might be wrong. Although my experience are awesome, specifically their unit at Fareham.

If you have a desire to purchase new No1s and 5s you’ll be looking circa £600 from them…which is cheaper in the grand scheme in the world of military uniforms but I still prefer sub £100 on Ebay if I have too

Why would you need no5’s?? Aren’t those for conductors or something?

All Officers, Warrant Officers and Senior NCOs in commissioned, warranted or appointed service in the Air Forces (and Air Cadets) of the Crown may optionally wear No.5 Mess Dress to formal occasions where such clothing is appropriate.

This is similar to, but different from, the No.9A dress uniforms seen worn by RAF and RAFAC Music Services Officers, Warrant Officers, SNCOs and Musicians
Note that unlike No5 dress, Officer rank on No9a half-size braid is worn at the shoulder on epaulettes, and, there are frock-tails to the rear of the jacket.

Key differences with SNCOs/ORs in No9a compared to No5 dress uniform include the gold wire shoulder epaulettes, aiguilette cords and trouser pipe-stripes.

You’re right to note that both styles of uniform are made from venetian blue cloth (cut in a very-similar style) both have mounted instead of anodised buttons, and both are worn with patent-leather footwear (I think musicians tend to wear george boots instead of low quarter shoes…and if I think about it, another difference could be that musicians perhaps don’t wear miniature medals in No9a)

(ps there was a mysterious lack of female uniform versions of No5s/No9a in the edition of AP1358/1358C that I referenced these pictures from…they are almost-identical to the male versions, with the exception of a long-dress option instead of trousers, and the female Offrs’ collar being a smooth/shawl style (without the in-step)