No.3A Did anyone proof read this?

I don’t think when it says T-shirt, it’s referring to the PT shirt. (At least I hope not, that would be some of the poorest drafting yet seen in this document.)

I think it means it can be routinely worn with either a Polo or T-Shirt, but that it would normally be a polo shirt, but in certain circumstances you can wear a PT-shirt instead.

I think you’re right about why they chose the shirt, probably because no one has produced one which matches rules which defy the usual conventions on unit-polo shirts!

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I am assured that the intention is that a t-shirt is only worn for sporting things like the tug of war. i.e. those “certain activities” which are explained in para 0230 d.

The direct pull from AP1358 says PT shirt which is slightly misleading for us - the RAF PT shirt is a t-shirt so it makes sense for them.
But the plan was for us to follow suit.

I think when I saw PT-Shirt, I was thinking about the PTI Vest.

Do you see what I mean now about not proof-reading this? It’s all the more frustrating when we have events like RIAT where they all wear t-shirts, and that these are private purchase items. What it I went out and ordered a load of unit T-shirts on the strength of that regulation?

Aye, this is what they mean:

You’ll like this… When I made enquiries and pointed out that some of the text is ambiguous (I was specifically talking about the regulations on colour ‘contrast panels’ &c) I was given the answers but also told that they can’t amend the wording “because it’s a direct lift from AP1358”.

I decided not to point out how ridiculous that statement is.

They do that all the time, and it means that we end up with regulations which cover completely irrelevant things, like the correct forms of religious headwear to wear when swearing the oath of allegiance!

Many different Jedi helmets could be chosen for wear!


It doesn’t matter; the regs make it clear that the dress is to be 3A.

If they can wear the “same thing they’ve been wearing for years” then so can everyone else.

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We are

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i wouldn’t say the uniform is “made up”

what the cadets wear at RIAT is no different to what Cadets wear at Squadron - ie a “unit” tshirt.

I have been on several Squadrons and have Squadron branded tshirts on all that had them. it was acceptable to wear these under a No3s shirt as the “under shirt”

the difference at RIAT is that it is worn for a 1-2 week period, where it is typically fine weather and hot conditions where the outer shirt would not be practical to wear as a second layer in 25+ degree heat.

i wear a Sqn tshirt under my No3s and will glad take off the shirt revealing the Squadron tshirt if the weather permits.

nothing has been “made up” - simply done what units always have done. be that the blue or brown tops available at RIAT.

We never used to have ACO on our Sqn Polos or Tee Shirts!
Remember, we remain the Air Training Corps unless you are CCF

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Indeed we are. But the brand which we are supposed to be pushing in public is “Royal Air Force Air Cadets”, and No 3A is “Public” Military Engagement.

These aren’t your Squadron polos or T’s… This is No 3A UNIFORM.

People seem to be routinely confused by that. There is no restriction as to what you print on your squadron civies t shirts, or sports shirts. This relates only to what is worn as uniform.

Sorry, but that’s some rather convoluted logic.

The uniform consists of a plain t-shirt worn beneath the outer shirt - it’s hard to see why anyone would wear a non-plain t-shirt unless they were planning on removing the outer shirt to display it.

The RIAT t-shirt is clearly being worn on the same basis…

So you can use the t-shirt as normal clothes when not in uniform, while still using it as an undershirt.

Unless the Sqn t shirt is OG, brown, or the current ‘coyote’ type colour then it isn’t and never has been acceptable to wear it as the “under shirt”.

You’re not supposed to be wearing your Sqn t shirt with No 3 “whenever the weather permits”; you are allowed to strip down to t shirt for physical work of limited duration. Once that work is finished you should be back to the lightweight jacket - because that’s what No 3 is.

No 3A is different and is not No 3.

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Certainly as a Cadet i defaulted to a Squadron tshirt in place of a “plain tshirt” under No3s as it seemed the obvious thing to wear - and saved me needing to buy a plain tshirt for No3s, when the Squadron provided something which was the same price and appeared to be suitable.

i still do the same now as Staff rather than have a pile of multi-use tshirts (ie civilian and No3 use) I have a pile of Sqn tshirts which i wear under No3s. (defaulting to the Squadron I am on first!)

if i am hot in the No3 dress, i shall remove the shirt and have a Sqn tshirt underneath. In some cases this is a plain tshirt with subtle markings such as a Squadron number and name on the breast, some have massive, filling the whole back, Squadron number, some have town name and Squadron, some town name and “Air Cadets”.

I agree the RIAT version is being worn to be seen - for obvious reasons but does that mean they should then change their tshirt to a “plain tshirt” if they wish to but on a second layer (ie shirt)?

so be it - I await for the correction from someone who cares enough to tell me at the time - yet to have that experience after 12+ years as Staff

although i don’t disagree - welfare comes before someones ideal on what should be worn.

if i am hot - i am not going to stick to two layers when one is more comfortable for the sake of someone’s decision on what a uniform is.

now to clarify there would be few situations in the UK climate where such a condition would occur where physical activity is not taking place so still acting within the spirit of the AP, even if the pattern of the tshirt fails to meet the expectation…

No, it means that they are wearing No3A and should do so in accordance with the regs.

It would of course be much easier to change the regs to fit existing practice than the practice to fit the regs.

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it does raise the question of why bother with Squadron tshirts at all?

particularly those which are OG or of a plain subdude “No3” style colour?

such in the case in many examples!

The sensible option is to buy only ‘3A-compliant’ squadron t-shirts (and a standard undershirt), as the 3A shirts can be worn as 3A, sports kit or even civvies. The issue of course is existing stock.

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