No.3 Sleeves up or down?

Just a quick question,

For CS95, the sleeve could be worn up or down at the wearer’s discretion (usually in hot weather). Is this still the case for MTP?

In the new dress regs, it doesn’t state that the sleeves aren’t to be worn up nor does it state they must be down. So is the decision still being left to wearer’s discretion?


The sleeves of MTP may be worn either way. In the real world, this means that it is wearers discretion excepting shooting (must be down), in the ACO, stand by for rules to be made up all around the country.

What the book says (becuase I looked this up yesterday) is:

MTP: sleeves down (as per design of garment - up not mentioned)
CS95: sleeves down except if hot & OC permission & in field when they can be up

Ok, I stand corrected - and the ACO remains behind the RAF with its dress…


For the RAF it’s:

“5. Due to the limitations of the current sleeve design, the sleeves of the jacket are normally to be worn down. However, where the activity or temperature dictate, sleeves can be rolled up at the discretion of the individual.”

Whether the omission of that option for us is by accident or by design (perhaps someone doesn’t like it and decides to go one better than Air Command) is anyone’s guess.

Frankly, if you wear them up and someone complains I’d be tempted to bash them over the head with 2012DIN01-159 and tell them that if it’s good enough for the RAF then why do we have a damn problem with it?.

Since AP1358C is supposed to be AP1358 with the cadet/ATC/VRT specific stuff added, aren’t you inclined to say that, where it differs from the latter on stuff that isn’t cadet specific, it’s an error and just do what it says in the original?

A logical assumption my friend, but not one which will permit several members of the ACO the opportunity to have their ‘yes, but what about…’ moment.

Just go with hero sleeves; a sound compromise and one which will might give the average civvy the impression that you have just returned from the farthest flung outposts of the Empire!


Just keep in mind that AP1358 is out out of date with regards the wearing of PCS.
The DIN is the current policy.

Which DIN?