No.2 Working Dress

So for the past few activities I kept seeing the dress code to be No. 2 working uniform.
Here comes the catch: both light blues and dark blues are no.2 working uniform (2a and 2c respectively) so which one are people really referring to?
Second question : Why don’t people typed out the full uniform in the first place?

No 2 is Wedgewood with Jumper
2a is wedgwood no jumper
2b is short sleeve wedgewood
2c is working blue with or without jumper

However i have asked for joining instructions for wing/Sqn/Sector events and courses to be specific in joining instructions

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As Corbin says, No 2 itself refers precisely to a form of uniform (Wedgwood and jumpers).

Quite why there is 2 and 2a (jumpers and no jumpers respectively) but only 2c (with or without jumpers) is anyone’s guess.

I’d probably ask the question though just in case, as why you’d specify No 2 in May/June/etc I have no idea!

Probably because a large percentage of members of the RAFAC dont seem to know No2 is it’s own unique dress

They still consider no2 as working blue and no1 as wedgwoods


A curious note for this occasion:
According to the Joining Instruction, I’m meant to wear No.2 working but bring No. 2c working as part of my kit(according to the kit list in the annex)
Did they seriously planned cadets to get changed during a 1 day course?
Or did someone copy and paste without looking?

By the sounds of it

I’d take that as someone not thinking before typing - they probably think of 2c as 2 “working” and 2/2a as 2 “ceremonial” or similar. I’d just take 2c.

My interpretation of this is based on the descriptions in AP1358C as reasonably summarised on p32.

  • “No 2 Service Working Dress” is a general heading that incorporates all sub-types of No2 dress. If somebody just requires “No2 dress” then you shoud be free to choose any version that you are entitled to wear. See p40 to support this interpretation

  • No 2 (Full) Service Working Dress; (No 2 SD)

  • No 2A (Long Sleeve) Routine Working Dress; (No 2A SD)

  • No 2B (Short Sleeve) Routine Working Dress; (No 2B SD)

  • No 2A (Cadet) Routine Working Dress; (No 2C SD)

It is reasonable to refer to these as the descriptions in parentheses and we can also further cur that down to 2SD, 2A, 2B, 2C for brevity.

Unless the writers of instructions are specific as to exactly what order of dress they are attempting to mandate, they may find that the end result differs from their expectations. The descriptions (full and abbreviated) should avoid the need to spell out stuff like “wedgwood blue shirt and tie” as it is implicit, with the only additional text being to limit specific optional items if that is relevant to the activity.

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Frankly if it’s “working dress” then it should be whatever you wish to wear. After all it’s a working environment, so does it matter that we aren’t clones?
On the squadron I have said that staff and cadets wear whatever they feel most comfortable in at the time. If you feel a bit chilly put a jumper on.
I think it would be good for staff to wear working blue shirts as they are damn sight more practical and hardwearing than light blue.

Shame Blue PCS didn’t happen…

No, it’s not.


What are you doing in your wedgwoods that’s causing problems exactly? :thinking:

Aren’t the materials identical these days? Not sure how one long sleeve shirt is “more practical” either…

Short sleeves are practical. Definitely.

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it’s not what so much, as wanting to do at times and not being a stand around and watch sort, the colour doesn’t exactly lend itself to getting stuck in which annoys me. Then there is getting a replacement or cost if you go for quality. Mind you given that the RAF doesn’t do the neck size and fit I like, I have to get them from anywhere but stores.
And I won’t go into how crap the current trousers are.

Latest trousers come with a glued in permi-crease…in the wrong place

I mean the fabric generally. Thankfully they are given to us as you wouldn’t buy anything like it, or I wouldn’t.

Got back from the event apparently they expected cadets to wear 2c instead of bringing 2c wear 2 full.
All fun and games as a cadet trying to understand JIs.

Get your OC to give the event IC some feedback about the confusion

Er, aren’t you an officer?

Noted and will do.
Why are people still used to referring to the wrong uniform?