No 1's

Any recommendations of the best place to get a set of decent no 1’s? I have had a look on ebay but not massively impressed.

Try asking stores at your local station, they may well have some for sale

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What are you looking for? I’ve at least got a set of spares and someone else may have some kicking about

Just the jacket basically - what size do you have?

38 I believe, ranked to Flt Lt. Bear in mind that number 1’s are a different material to no. 2’s so it’s always best to buy them together

And officer 1s are different to OR 1s so beware

Do you need Officers/WOs No1’s or OR No 1’s?

I’ve 2 sets in the loft

Ring Clothing Stores at RAF Cranwell and ask if they have any PWS your size, and they have been known to send to parent stations to be tried on.

Get the jacket and trousers as a pair, as they may not match if you just get the jacket!

Halton is also a good bet if you can get there - lots of PWS returns.

Worth checking clothing stores at your parent unit; if it’s an “entitlement” then you might get a set for free; otherwise a donation / fixed price might be possible.

If 2394ATC is at the Sqn in his/her name then i know that Leeming are getting right misers giving out No1’s. Even with good biscuits.