No 1 uniform new badges


Hi everyone,
I’m a CCF (RAF) NCO and I’m just wondering for the new badging syllabus, what is going to happen about No 1 uniform badging?
Is it just going to stay as it was or has there been information I haven’t been aware of?


What do you need to wear No1 for? And no I don’t think they have updated AP1358c with details for PTS badges


I doubt the badging instructions for cadet No1SD will change, just the actual badges.
We’ll need to wait and see when it is released.


The DofE badge will look silly in the new place. Only other things are the cyber badge which I’d put with the communicator badge. The parachute badge needs somewhere as well.


Not every badge you wear on a brassard or jersey is worn in No1s so no, the comms and parachuting badges won’t need a place.

The DofE badge will be smaller, but thats just too bad - the shooting badges are smaller too.

Band badges are not currently worn so as not to damage the material, but as the metal badges are now history there may be scope to include them now.


Good point. Forgot that not everything went on there.


I don’t need to wear my No1s any time soon, but I was just interested. I’m looking to go on Junior Leaders Course possibly in Summer and it says on the dress publication about wearing it on then.


Good luck and enjoy it if you get through selection. I loved the course. Though I guess its a bit different now from course 5


Ap1358C para 201
Cadets. The standard airman’s No 1 SD only will be worn by nominated cadets who are allowed No 1 SD uniform on the following occasions:

(1) On initial appointment as Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet and whilst undertaking ceremonial duties or functions in that capacity where No 1 SD
Uniform is considered the appropriate standard of dress. Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets are to wear No 2 SD on all other occasions.

(2) ACO Representative Cadet attending the National Remembrance Service (Royal Albert Hall). ACO Banner Bearers are however
encouraged to wear No 2 SD to enable full range of arm movements and maintain appropriate control of the banner.

(3) Graduate Cadets and Qualified Junior Leaders Cadets attending the Junior Leaders Graduation Dinner on the authority of Wg Cdr TG
(Typically worn as No4 Interim Mess Dress – See paras 0227 & 0328 for order of dress).

(4) On appointment as RAF College Commandant’s Cadet and whilst undertaking ceremonial duties or functions where No 1 SD is considered the appropriate standard of dress on the authority of Commandant Air Cadets.

(5) Individual cadets nominated to attend Special Functions or ceremonies where No 1 SD Uniform is considered the appropriate standard of dress. Authority for these individuals is to be sought from the following; for National Events, COS AC through Logs 1b HQAC, all other events the appropriate Regional Comdt or Wg Cdr CCF HQAC for CCF (RAF) sections.

(6) With the exception of the cadet nominated by the Lord Mayor of the City of London all Mayoral Cadets are to parade at the Senior Officer’s discretion in either No 2 SD or No 2A SD only.

(7) With the exception of the cadet nominated as the RAF College Commandant’s Cadet for duties as detailed in sub-para 0201a(4), all Station Officer Cadets are to parade at the Senior Officer’s discretion in either No 2 SD or No 2A SD only.

So in short, if you don’t get selected for JL’s then there’s no point in you getting a set as you can’t wear them.

Bummer really as I remember being able to wear them when I was a CWO.


You forget - the OP is CCF and CCF have a tendency to ignore the regulations and do their own thing…


Do you read these forums? I don’t think that charge can be leveled solely at the CCF.


I used to be the 2nd top poster…

Indeed, but technically we can nail ATC units to the wall if they don’t. So much of the control of CCFs is at the whim of the headmaster that there is more variance and individuality within that organisation. You just need to see the photos of CCF unit CWOs in 1s with blue sashes and canes to see that the error bars are wide for that data set :slight_smile:


Sorry. Forgot the smiley face on the above. I know CCF are more independent but ATC have their rogue units, including those who seem to just want to be scouts.


Walks through chanting “I’ll do what I want, do what I waaaaaant!”


Funny thing is that is exactly what we are allowed to do on remembrance services. Not because we feel like it, it’s because we have traditions. The cane belonged to one of our first officers and the sash belonged to a CWO who became a Squadron Leader and died in service.
Technically it is wrong, but it is good to do and we have been allowed by our Squadron Leader


I disagree, but it is your Sqn Ldr that needs to be tackled on the matter, not the cadets.
Does (s)he permit relatives medals to be worn by cadets?


No he doesn’t permit anything outside of the dress regs, bar the cane and sash.


Just because somebody local has decided that it’s going to be a unit “tradition” doesn’t make it permissible.
CWOs do not carry canes or wear sashes.
Bar the few CACWO/RWO exceptions no personnel at all in the RAFAC carry canes or wear light blue sashes.

It really doesn’t matter who used to own the items.
Mount the cane and sash on a wall display to commemorate the first OC and CWO or whatever, but they shouldn’t be carried or worn. Ever.