No 1 Uniform for Lord Lieutenant Cadet

We have a Cdt FS who has been appointed as a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. Just trying to see how we get No 1 HD uniform for him, without resorting to begging at our parent station’s Clothing Stores. RAFAC Dress Regs (AP1358C), para 105 refers to Scales of Clothing in JSP 886 Vol 6 Part 5 but I cannot find that publication - either in Sharepoint > Key Documents > JSPs or on the WWW. Is there a formal entitlement in there (or eleswhere) for Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets to be issued with No 1 HD?

Contact your wing if they can support. Otherwise it’s ebay as they are entitled to wear it but not entitled to be issued it. Remember No 1s is a nice to have for LLC but no 2/2A would suffice

Beg, borrow and steal is the order of the day for this sort of thing!

So, the Scales of Clothing in JSP 886 Vol 6 Part 5 Scale C709 - C710 definitely do NOT include such provision?

I don’t know 100% because I’ve never seen the JSP. I’ve never heard of it being issued for Cadets from Central supply. When asked on the past I’ve always been told to jog on.

Certainly a wexo question though

They aren’t scaled, they hold the post for 12 months, it takes that time (at least) to get measured - especially at the moment - let alone then be issued with the No1 Uniform.

There’s a Plt Off on my unit who is still waiting to be measured due to Covid - so doubt a LLC is going to be high on the agenda.

As previous poster has mentioned No2 uniform (which is issued) is just as effective for LLC duties.

Ask at your parent station to see any part worn stock they hold. That’s what ours did and got a set that fitted.

Been a couple of years since our last LLC but definitely worth making contact with your parent station. We always managed to get part worn sets issued for ours with the tailoring done in exchange for a tin of biscuits and a few bottles of wine.

All we had to do was provide relevant badges and details on where positioned etc.

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In the past when we have or other quadrons in the sector have asked there has always been a large stockpile of the old none belted and 4 Buttoned airmans pattern.across the Wing … a new style in part worn is however like unicorn excrament… and if you do manae to obtain a jacket half the time the Belt is missing and the trousers have gone somewere else.

On that point if sourcing elsewhere please try and get the trousers that were issued from the jacket. They’re cut from the same cloth and can look mismatched in colour tone at times

Take this advice seriously.

Having recently purchased my own set of new no.1 it turns out none of the trousers I had would have even been a close match… and were all very different shades to the jacket and to each other.

Glad I went for the set, very nearly didn’t.

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Definitely speak to Wing HQ, I’ve had LLCs in various Wings and No1s have all been sourced from Parent Station via Wing HQ. I’ve got a LLC at the moment, been in post 9 months and no sign of No1s due to Covid (Cadets on Station at Stores etc) but he has now attended his first event and no-one batted an eyelid that he wasn’t in No1s. They are a nice to have rather than a necessity but I’ve always found Parent Stations will help where they can.


This a million times

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My parent station has always helped me out here… There are 2 LLC in my wing then of course after a few years and a few LLCs later, there are quite a few sets of 1s to go round / get passed down etc.

Whilst I understand they are a nice to have not a requirement I’ll always go out of my way to try and provide 1s for LLCs or any other cadet eligible for that matter.

They are, but if the LLC is serving alongside an ATC cadet in no. 2s, a SCC in 1s, and a CCF cadet probably also togged up, they will look like the poor cousin.

In this neck of the woods, I’ve never seen an ATC LLC not in no. 1s, though.

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Apologies for the delay in replying - bit of an IT faff. Thanks for all the advice - much appreciated.