No. 1 SD and Gold DofE presentation at Buckingham Palace

According to AP1358C Chapter 2 No.1 Service Dress Uniform 0201a. sub section 5):
One of the occasions where No. 1 SD be worn by nominated cadets includes “individual cadets nominated to attend Special Functions or ceremonies where No. 1 SD uniform is considered the appropriate standard of dress.”

Is Gold DofE presentation one such fiction or ceremonies?
I.e. Is No.1 SD not considered as the appropriate standard of dress for DofE presentation?

Gold DofE is a hotly discussed topic for No. 1s. I believe standard policy is that cadets are to wear 2A(full).

Can you please provide a link/reference for where can I find documents stating such policy?

There isnt.

However your Wg Cdr needs to approve the wearing of No 1 (SD) outside of JL Graduation/LLC/ Mayor of London and will consult the WWO/RWO for guidance…who will probably say no.

As previously stated most cadets wear No 2 Full Service Dress or a civilian suit. So you will be a little out of place in No 1 SD

When I did it in 2004 we nearly all wore No1. I saw over 20 ATC cadets there and only saw one in No2. But that was back when it was easier to get hold of No1 as CWOs always paraded in it, as did squadron bands.

Back then No1s were about left right and centre. Since then the RAFAC have really tightened the wearing of them and hugely enforce the number 1 regs. Mostly due to cadets sourcing I’ll fitting/incorrect pattern/mixed trouser to jacket colour No1s…

I certainley know OCs have been dragged over the coals for enabling cadets to wear them.

But that’s a side track that’s been discussed a million times on ACC

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A couple of cursory searches throws up a majority of photos of cadets in 2A or smart civvies.

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Compare and contrast to the Duke of Westminster Award event at the Palace of Westminster where 1SD is the norm, despite no members of the Royal Family being present.

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Itll be a headcount trigger…

X hundred of cadets gain their gold d of e each year which would mean the sourcing of x hundred set of No 1s that are correctly fitting of a decent standard that they are fit to represent the RAFAC

There are 10 finalists at the Westminster awards (if I can remember corretly) which is easier to manage sourcing and ensuring they are of the standard required

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^Whilst I saw a lot of discussion as to why Wing might refuse to hand out No.1 uniforms, do we actually a strict answer to the original question ?

I’ve not sent a cadet to the palace, but presumably there’s some sort of JI or other guidance with mode of dress stipulated…

Theres no specific policy to say one must wear no 1s to the presentation but there is policy in 1358c around if one believes they should be wearing No 1s to an event.

Contact your Wg Cdr for further guidance/approval to wear No 1s as per the process

I’d be wanting to wear a civvy suit or the like. Much easier for travel too and from the Palace, and much easier to them be able to go and have a meal / drink etc to celebrate.

personally if a set which is a good fit (note a good fit, not simply “acceptable”, looking bad in No1s is worse that no No1s) i would have no bother sending a Cadet to the Palace in No1s.

If meeting Royality at an awards ceremony isn’t a valid enough reason for a WWO/OCWg to sign off suitable No1s then I am not sure what it.

I accept that most would be No2s and put this down to ease of sourcing, as @AlexCorbin indicates the likelihood of finding a set nowadays has shrunk alot as the years have gone by. At a former Unit we had 3 male and 1 female jacket which was used as and when required, if they fit. but repeated sewing on the relevant badges meant one male set was looking particularly tired.

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What the rule on stn commanders CDT when the stn oc has approved it and he / soon to be she is higher up the rank structure then wing oc

In theory an adult conversation will be had between the station commander and the wing commander and most likely it will be agreed on yes or no.

With no one on here being either the wing commander or station commander in question it’s really hard to answer what will be allowed.

The wing commander should make contact with the regional commandant to have that conversation with the station commander/gain approval

You would probably only have to do it once, then no matter who is filling the post job done.

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The Corps DofE officer has just changed but for years when the Gold badge was sent out by her there was a letter in it that clearly states if cadets are still a cadet by the time they attend the palace they are to go in number 2 uniform.

I’ve been to the palace for my own gold and as a dofe officer/room marshall. The only cadets you see in number 1s are the Lord Lt cadets (you may see staff members or those who have since joined up in uniform) and to be honest most are in smart civies as they are no longer cadets by the time they have been invited.

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