No.1 jacket and trousers

Anyone know where I can buy cheap/reasonable priced male Airman’s No.1 jacket and possibly trousers? Or is anyone selling any? Not small and not massively large

The jacket, trousers and belt are a set and you should expect to get these matching items together.

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FYI it is best to buy the jack and trousers as a set - they need to be of matching material and 1 set of trousers wont necessarily match a jacket

this thread may help you (although recognise it is about No2)

Have you considered not bothering with No1s …

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I would ask around your local squadrons first, i currently have a stash of 15 sets of No1’s that are available to any staff in the wing who need a set.

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Remember though that they need to be the current, belted pattern. The old unbelted ones with 4 brass(ish) buttons are obsolete.

Nice, you willing to send a set to me? Happy to pay

I would say yes but the problem with No1’s is that despite telling me your size, a lot of them get altered later down the line so may not fit!

I’ve got a spare set for someone of a smaller build but otherwise I’d recommend keeping your eyes on ceto militaria

Try your parent RAF Station Clothing Stores. They may let you have a set or sell you a set at a reasonable price.