No. 1 CWO badges

Morning all,

Posting for a friend. Does anyone know where he can buy CWO Ranks for his No1 Jacket? He’s apparently struggled to find any online.

Cheers in advance

As much as I don’t like promoting Cadet Direct given they have inflated prices - this is the obvious place to look

RAF No.1 Dress Chevrons and Crowns (

How come his Wing HQ can’t get hold of

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These arent the correct badges. The correct CWO patch is light blue on a dark blue background without the brown accents.


That’s what I thought.

They can, but he’s in the sticks of Scotland so his WHQ are giving him a major lead time so wanted them sooner

I assume this CWO is a Lord Lieutenants Cadet?

He’s attending an event where he’s been given permission (AFAIK) to attend in No1s

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apologies i wasn’t looking that closely

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I have a set in front of me. Drop me a PM with his address and I’ll post them out today.


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