No 1 and gilt pins


Can someone please tell me the placement of the hole for the gilt pins on a female officers no1s lapels please.

When Turner and Virr made mine they ‘forgot’ to add them. I was told that it wasn’t enough to send it back (because the MOD are happy to accept substandard kit…). I didn’t bother fighting it because it seemed probable that we were loosing the pins and I didn’t want holes but now it is back on the agenda it is apparently the worst thing on earth that I am missing them…

Not particularly wanting to stick more holes than necessary in a £300 jacket could someone please help and let me know the dimensions of where the holes should go.



AP1358C shows the position of the VRT pins on No1SD - I suspect the illustrations are of male but if the female lapels allow equivalent positioning then follow those general instructions for RAFAC pins.

See para 0432 (p129)

There is no specific instruction on the positioning of holes. The issued RAFAC pins are spike and butterfly clasp fixings so can be pushed through the material with ease and can be repositioned without noticable damage,


You make the holes yourself put as they are clasp type pins, they will pass quite easily through No1/No5 material without leaving any damage.

Do not start cutting holes in your best kit!!


Bader says that you’ll be able to buy gold embroidered RAFAC insignianand use on both No 5 and No 1 dress.


I got issued with a large handful of ones with large, flat spikes you have to hammer out flat and two yards of tape to make my own with. It appears there are about as many types of pin as there are Officers! I’ll wait and see what cracker gift we are sent when they actually order the new replacement!


The VRT pins were as you describe.
The RAFAC pins are just butterfly clasps.

Unlike the old pins, these are nice and easy to move to the correct location when half the Corps continues to get it wrong (despite the AP having bloody pictures!); or has them fitted incorrectly by their friendly ‘station tailor’.