Nijmegen 2023

For the sake of anyone interested in doing the Nijmegen March this year PRIVATELY.

The second round of the application process opens this morning (Monday 13th Feb) at 10:00 CST - 9am over here.

Unlike in previous years where there was a ballot for first timers, who weren’t in teams - this year it is “first come - first served”.

There are 47,000 spaces available - as of last night, 32,606 have been taken up - including 1,368 Dutch Military and 266 Other Military Contingents.

So, from 9am today you can register and pay for your spot and guarantee your participation at this year’s 4 Day march.

UK Military Teams including RAFAC would still need to go via BMC etc - but, going as a civilian individual might afford any staff interested in going out and experience Nijmegen by themselves, without the pressure of looking after cadets.

You will be able to experience the whole process from getting there, picking up your start card and goody bag, then waking up at the crack of dawn (in fact a couple of hours before that!) and enjoying a beautiful walk in the Dutch countryside, being cheered on and supported by locals in their 100,000s.

Going individually as a civilian, means each person is required to walk the minimum distance for their age - there is no carrying extra weight.

What’s more, going as an individual means you can walk at your own pace, take as many “unscheduled” extra rest stops as you like, take as many photos as you like and so on.

The walking group I go with has use of its own sports hall, including its own showering facilities (with plentiful hot water!) and bathrooms, a spacious & friendly sports bar, we have our own messing on site, with professional outside caterers brought in - providing tasty food in abundance. We also have our own first aid, rest area support crew and bussing service that takes you from the accommodations to the start line and back each day.

Please feel free to DM me with any questions.

Please note - minimum age for individuals is 18.

The accommodation is separated male / female.
Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (of the same sex).

As per the IBN from HQAC - there are to be NO official or “unofficial” RAFAC teams until further notice - but there is nothing to stop a “loose group” of adults walking along together at a similar pace.

For the sake of staff cadets, you should check with your WRMO / RRMO, if you participate privately can you claim your Gold Nijmegen badge.

To reiterate - this is NOT a RAFAC event, it is NOT on SMS, any staff from RAFAC participating as an individual is doing so privately and is not representing RAFAC. You will be walking in civvy clothing - military clothing is strictly for teams.

Our group typically host @ 150/200 or so members each year, many of whom have completed Nijmegen many times. They are a sociable group, mostly from the UK but include others from across Europe.

Furthermore, most of us wear a bright orange wicking t-shirt so you can pick us out at Nijmegen - we are the largest civilian group each year, and always try to walk up the Via Gradiola together.

From a set up point of view, they probably offer the best value “all inclusive” set up at Nijmegen.

Travelling out would be under your own steam, either flying in via Schipol then catching a train; catching EuroStar; taking a coach or driving across.


Is anyone else planning on going out this year? This’ll be my first year civvy so not really sure what to expect yet… Anyone got any tips on things like accommodation?

Book accommodation as soon as possible. I did Nijmegen as a civvy, with a friend, and we ended up staying in hotel a short drive away. The travel was fine, but we did miss out on some of the atmosphere and ‘cultural’ experience. Especially on the last night when we didn’t have the energy to drive back in and join the party.

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I bet they get booked up quickly. Not sure yet how long to stay in country though, how long did you stay?

Happy to send details of where I’m staying - superb set up, run by British / Dutch group.

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We drove out over 2 days, staying somewhere on the way, then arrived for registration and started walking very early the next day. We slowly drove home the day after finishing (with lots of breaks to stretch legs!!)

That would be good please! Just keeping my options open

That’s quite a smart move, possibly the cheapest option, definitely something to look into. Thank you!

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I’m flying LHR to AMS, then train from Schipol to Nijmegen…. Then it’s either a short taxi ride or the local bus about 3 stops down from the rail / bus station!

Flights and trains are still plentiful, but I believe Eurostar May Be booked up for the Sunday on the way out….

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PM sent

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So paperwork finally hits the streets, with a deadline of applications of one week :man_facepalming:t2:

How come paperwork was issued by MOD in late January and it took three weeks for it to be distributed across RAFAC ?

Maybe someone doesn’t want us to attend :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Conspiracy theories are not without merit, but I reckon it’s the age old, far less sinister (but far more frustrating), not understanding the concept of “volunteers”.

There’s absolutely no (good) reason why any email from HQ - that is due to be spread to all levels - cannot simply be sent to all in the first instance. It costs nothing to send an email, We need to get out of the 19th century mindset of comms.

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How to minimise risk ALARP - Don’t do the activity.