Night Ideas

Hey. I’m wanting to plan a parade night for the Squadron and I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas.
Something Radio based but also practical and outside to engage all the cadets. I’ve got a brief idea but

Fire Away!


We recently did a task where the cadets were split into pairs - one person had a Lego set and the other had the instructions. The cadet with the instructions then had to tell the other cadet how to build the Lego set over the radio - worked rather well actually!


why not consider Chapter 9 of ACP044??

click here for a link

there are 25+ different (proven) radio exercises written by Squadron Radio officers. should be something in all of that to choose from

Consolidation Exercises

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you too :slight_smile:

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The thing is I don’t have a login so I can’t access it. Anywhere I can find it online?

(assuming you mean without a sharepoint login, as it is already available online with one)
Not officially…

Hi, at my cadets we did a game of find the fox but this is only if you can go out into like a bit industrial estate or something with lots of places to hide. I will give full info if you can.

Squadron Staff will so ask for someone to get it for you…