New Years Honours 2021

Just been released

Do we know if any of the “BE” awards on that list were for RAFAC staff this year?
I see we got one BEM on the civil list for a Padre.

I wonder what the citation for the MGS at Spadeadam getting a Team Commendation is…

Surely that should be THE Padre? Pretty Facebook famous after all.

Met him once, nice guy. Led Gaz’s service, too.

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Good to see his name in there! Also Chris Morrell. He’s done a hell of a lot of work for DofE. Also a really nice guy having done some courses with him.


I wanna know what the bar at RAF Benson did!


So Lewis Hamilton gets Knighted… and Craig David is made an MBE.
Again for just doing their jobs. Along with lots of civil service, teachers, NHS and others for just doing their jobs.

Yet as far as I can see not a single uniformed RAFAC cfav recieved a medal.
Only 2 non uniformed cfavs are mentioned at all.

Makes you wonder what a CFAV has to do to get a gong!

Gongs should not be issued for doing your job.
That should be a rule.

People who hold down a job, keep a family going and then still volunteer. That deserves a medal.


I would like to add that there are many many many deserving people on the list including those who helped feed people in the pandemic and others.

Just the whole gong for doing a job thing really boils my urine.

There have been some amazing CFAV’s this year (think @james_elliott) but other than that, we’ve not really done much in 2020 if we’re honest.

As for Lewis, he’s now the title holder for pretty much everything in F1. Other drivers “do the job” but he’s the best and his records show it (and before you say it’s the car, watch the old top gear when he had just moved to Mercedes, they said he was mad as he was leaving the giants of McLaren to go to someone who hadn’t won anything at all).

Sure sure. But he gets awards and recognition for that elsewhere.
That’s my point.

The gongs are supposed to be for going above and beyond.

Hes just done really well at his job. Good for him, well done etc. He is amazing at driving. But it’s his job.

If it was 10 years down the line after he had actually delivered his youth academy etc, then yes that might be worthy.

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CFAVs do get a medal (or a certificate for CIs). As long as HQAC process the paperwork that is…

But no different to long service recognition in other jobs or careers.

Gongs are for going above and beyond.

Personally I think the recovery team are missing a team citation in the list. We might not fully agree with everything we now have to do in the new world, and all have our own “if I made the decisions” but they did get 45000k ish organisation from wtf do we do, to this is what you do in an incredible timescale


By the sounds of it, you have to work a little harder to get yours!

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And that’s why he gets the big bucks.

I struggle to see what value the honours system has, I’m all for commendations though as they tend to be for something specific rather than having just been around for a long time.

That’s what the honours system is supposed to be for.

Our Wing is always saying how you can’t put someone forward for just having by volunteered for a long time, yet our “Chief of Staff” got an MBE for just that a couple of years ago. There was nothing in his citation that struck me as remarkable other than his longevity.

I haven’t got a problem with people getting gongs for excelling at their jobs, that’s the way the honours system has always worked.

But for us I do feel that being on the military list rather than the civil limits the awards we get, lots of people who if they were in the Scouts would get a BEM or an MBE instead get an AOC Commendation etc

Wait until you hear about English judges…

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Yeah, there are good ones and bad ones. The good ones get recognition, the bad ones don’t.

I wish all judges just did their jobs, but some take some real power trips once they hit the bench. Sadly, in ways which weren’t always predictable.

I was mostly alluding to High Court judges and their knighthoods.