New training portal just went live!

Link here


Looks good.

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Looks pretty helpful to me!

A good start to cleaning the dumping ground up and making it useable.


There are some really nice wing SharePoint pages that are more useful than my own! Having a look through them, some are really user friendly! West Mercian Wing, Merseyside Wing, Bristol and Gloucestershire Wing, Hants and IoW Wing, Sussex Wing, South and East Midlands Wing

All of these are really useful some in different ways than others! Some Wing SharePoint sites haven’t been touched in months or years and are useless! I think this training portal is taking the best bits of what some people are already doing well!

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My wing is on that list and I hate our site!

Some on that list are a lot better than others on the list, but they are all a lot better than most not on the list.

My Wing has recently redone ours. I’ve not used it much since March but it does look a bit snazzier now.

Won’t let me in. Says i need permission.

Are you loved into Bader?


Is anyone?


Oops. Logged in…


Likely using a work account or similar instead of a Bader account.