New Sqn Crest

Hi, I am looking to redesign our Sqn crest.

I am just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a standard template that can be used?

Thank you in advance.

FYI I understand the term “crest” is incorrect, and it should be referred to as a “badge”

if you try the search function (top right hand corner) you may find some answers to this question…

In heraldry, a crest is a thing that sits atop a helm on a coat of arms.

What do you mean by redesign?

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You ask a simple question on here and William the Pedant comes out to play.

We all know with what you mean by Sqn crest, but no, the first two answers was people telling you that you are wrong. That infect a crest is a silly hat that is worn with armour and you should have known better to call a sqn badge a crest.

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If you look in the ACC drive there is a template in there.

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To be fair, he did also say to do a search on the forums. The matter has been discussed in depth on other threads.


The process to officially creat a new squadron badge is to fist off contact the special project officer at HQAC.
He can be contacted at

He will ask you to think about 2 or 3 things that symbolise your area and a squadron Moto in any language (normally English or Latin).

He will then put together a proposal based on your ideas which goes to the relevant office for approval.
Once everyone is happy, you pay £500 for the admin and receive a hand painted illustration of the new badge and digital copies.


Thank you.

@silverback - I might have indicated “your wrong” I did offer the correction and offered advice even if i didn’t point to a more direct solution

To save £500 I took our old pretty well drawn crest, badge, unit identifier and photoshopped it so if you put them together the only thing you will notice is one is cleaner, crisper and new while the other is not so clean, crisp or new…

True . . . Meanwhile one is officially authorized for use and the other is not.

Fine, but there is no requirement for them to comply with the heraldry rules or be drafted by a proper heraldic bloke for the sum of $500 Sterling for them to be approved or used. If you want to go down that route then crack on, but as been said before there are better things to spend your unit’s money on.

You need to get the design checked over to ensure you aren’t using something “inappropriate” or plagiarising somebody else’s work, but that can be done for free.

The special bloke will guide you down “official design” route, with white fields and generic heraldic devices, but the suggestions I got in the past were somewhat naff and were distanced from what the cadets had chosen in years gone by. It was impersonal.

There were some guidelines on the general badge design that I think aren’t well promulgated because of the assumption that we pay money to get it drafted up by someone in the know. Things such as:

  • Follow the general design and colouration of the ATC badge
  • Use the red colouring in the circle, but the Blue used by RAF units (though I’ve heard suggestions that blue would be appropriate for VGSs)
  • Use only the design of crown from the ATC badge, but the St Edward’s (I think) crown the RAF uses
  • Don’t use laurels around the circle.
  • Squadron numbers should be in “indents” from the circle

I also have concerns about what we get for our £500. I believe you get a nice, hand-painted original but I do not know if you get a scalable vector image that can be converted to other digital formats for use on websites, garments, banners and posters.

$500 Sterling?

Well, indeed. Because they are not ATC squadrons. If anything, they might actually be said to be RAF Air Cadet squadrons.

Because strictly-speaking, if they’re not that, then they’re RAFVR gliding squadrons, as former gliding schools.

With their collective heritage evident from the individual squadron/school numbers, since the first two digits of every VGS indicates the original regional Reserve Group they were part of, within former Reserve Command (eg No.66 Reserve Gp, originally covering S&NI)

No requirement… yet

How they gonna enforce it, come and confiscate your Cadets Polo-Shirts?


Oh oh! I’ve let slip the secret Treasury plan!

Shouldn’t the ‘special projects officer at hqac’ have an email address rather than an one? ESP if money is changing hands?

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You dont pay him.
Money paid direct to the college of arms

Still a valid point, though.

I do believe there is also an
However is the address I have communicated with him on.

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