New Smoking and Drinking Policy

  1. Highly doubt they were. Most likely cadet camp BS.
  2. Escorting staff arent the same as the organising staff.
  3. If this did happen, it is now incubent for you to report this immediatly to the chain of command.

I dunno, my wing commander said the same to me when I got my team back from Nijmegen. One of the CWOs having had a bit too much to drink and committed a bit of a SNAFU.
I rang them immediately on return to the UK to get ahead of the news and make sure the truth reached them before the rumours, and that was his response.

A few carefully drafted apology emails later to the BMC staff and nothing was ever said about it again.

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I hear this said many times alluding to a code of secrecy & you’re not meant to snitch when the rules are broken.

What it actually means is don’t gossip about what happened on camp, who was seen walking out with who, what things that were said by someone etc.

If something serious happens report it to those in charge, let them deal with it & report it & don’t comment on it to people who weren’t there.

So with the IACE one it could well be that they inadvertently attending an event that alcohol was present, one cadet was handed a glass by a waiter by accident, escorting staff spotted it, intervened, managed the cadets & log the incident with no further action needed.

It just stops the rumour mill from running rampant so that a single cadet smuggling vodka onto camp in coke bottles is not portrayed as 50 cadets having a bender where a beer keg was thrown at a Wg Cdr from a roof & the police where called after someone stole & crashed a tank.


We were at the same camp!.. :grin:

The Sainsbury’s low alcohol cider I’d happily put in my top ten ciders

According to “the book” a loyal toast can be made with either port, madeira or water…ppl prefer port as it feels “proper” but all are “acceptable”

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