New Royal patron

So the new patron has been announced as the duchess of Cambridge…
Should be a good appointment, if she ever gets time to appear

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Interesting. I wonder if the Duchess of Cambridge is being appointed to an honorary VRT Commission, as well as becoming a Royal Patron to the ACO? If so, I’d expect it would probably be in the rank of Air Cdre, with the formal position as Air Commodore-in-Chief.

When the Duke of Edinburgh was appointed Patron of the Corps (originally) he already held honorary rank as an MRAF, but was formally shown in the Air Force List (within the RAFVR(T) section) as Air Commodore-in-Chief.

Since this is being reported as the Duchess of Cambridge’s “first military appointment”, surely she will have to be listed in The Gazette as a commissioned officer, commissioned into either the RAF, RAFR, RAuxAF or RAFVR.

It’s excellent news for the ACO…she’s a really nice person, with an already-impressive knowledge (my own impression, from when I met her)


EDIT Cambridge for York

I hope not or the Duchess of Cambridge may be a little up set upset :wink:

Sarah will do anything for a jolly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kate will be much better for moralé than Fergie!

in fact i may just nip out for a quick moralé boost - see you in 5… :hand:

Will she have to attend OASC?

Has Carol attended OASC???

If she does I may find I have to redo my course :speak_no_evil:

Of course she nor Carol will have attended OASC. The clue is that it is an honorary appointment, in the same way celebrities who get an honorary degree don’t write a thesis.

which was what i was getting at knowing CV hadn’t why would HRH?

Our new Royal Patron won’t be needing to receive any honorary commission as she won’t be wearing a uniform (or vice versa I 'spose).

Why won’t she be wearing a uniform???

Philip wore his most of the time as do most of the royals who hold honary positions in the forces…

Asking the wrong person!

According to the Comdt, when asked on Twitter
"it was agreed that our new Patron would not wear uniform or have a rank so we agreed to mirror my title of Comdt"

A bit strange…
Uniformed youth organisation but doesn’t wear the uniform

What h :arrow_up: e said

not really - hubby ditched the polyester as soon as something better came along (Irish Guards, for the wedding btw…), so why assume that she’d be itching to pull on those ill-fitting strides?

the job of the patron is good publicity, and ideally political cover. the ACO will get more publicity if Kate turns up to 123 (Anytown) Sqn showing off her magnificent legs with a short skirt and impossibly high heels than if she turned up in man-made fancy dress.

if you want a serious answer, as she’s not yet been appointed a Regimental/Service Colonel, perhaps this indicates some reluctance on her part to do the whole ‘dressing up’ thing - in which case, the ACO is lucky to have her.

would it get fantastic publicity for the ACO to have her in MTP and cam cream at a field training weekend? yes, of course it would, however if this is what she’s prepared to do* for now*, then lets work with that and screw what good news there is in the ACO out of the appointment.

serious question…Did Diana ever get into uniform?

I am guessing that would depend on if she was appointed a “military” title, but as a the future Queen of England Kate and Di are in the same shoes.
I confess I don’t know the ins and outs of the Royals but as far as i can picture the Royals are expected to “join up” while their spouses are not obligated.
The exception being Princess Anne’s husbands, but both were already serving when they met

Fergie certainly hasn’t donned any uniform i can recall…

This is a royal appointment - we should be lucky to get one, not whinging about the terms and conditions. STOP THE WHINING PEOPLE! You continue like this people will start to glaze over

[quote=“Plt_Off_Prune, post:19, topic:2051, full:true”] You continue like this people will start to glaze over

yeah, it’s like when you post something people roll their eyes and think here we go again…

Nobody has moaned or groaned if you re-read the thread you will find most people asked questions and other gave informative answers or opinions… But nobody yet has moaned or complained until… YOU posted